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D.M. Crosby, J.L. McLaughlin. 
“Cactus Alkaloids. XIX. Crystallization of Mescaline HC1 and 3-Methoxytyramine HC1 from Trichocereus pachanoi”. 
Lloydia. 1973 Dec;36(4):416-8.
The large columnar cactus, Trichocereus pachanoi Britton and Rose, has been used for centuries in South America as the basis of a hallucinogenic drink 1,2. This species is known in various regions as aguacolla, giganton, huachuma, or San Pedro and is indigenous to Ecuador and Peru where it is widely cultivated as an ornamental and hedge plant 3. In the United States, the plant is currently being promoted as a 'natural and legal' psychedelic, and it is reportedly readily available through certain domestic cactus dealers 4, although some dealers have voluntarily restricted their sales.
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