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Gold MS. 
“The Epidemiology, Attitudes, and Pharmacology of LSD Use in the 1990s Use of LSD, and hallucinogens in general, appears to be increasing, according to surveys of high shcool students”. 
Psychiatric Annals. 1994 Mar;24(3):124-7.
After years of lying dormant, LSD lysergic acid diethylamide use, and hallucinogen use in general, appears to be increasing. We have recently reported data from our annual nation- wide survey of 522,328 junior and senior high school students from schools across the United States.1 This anonymous drug-use prevalence questionnaire was administered to all students in these schools and grades, and results from the past two years were compared. Hallucinogen use increased significantly p< 0.01 chi-square, going from 4.9 to 5.3. Annual hallucinogen use was 2.4 for eighth graders and 7.1 for 12th graders. These data are consistent with the National Institute on Drug Abuse report published April 13, 1993. The NIDA report found that the percentage of high school seniors reporting cocaine use in the past year had decreased from 7.9 in 1988 to 3.1 in 1992, while LSD use increased from 4.8 to 5.6.2 In addition, seizures of LSD were the third highest among illegal drugs, with over 500,000 LSD dosage units confiscated by the Drug Enforcement Administration in 1990.3
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