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Datta RK, Ghosh JJ. 
“Mescaline-induced changes of brain-cortex ribosomes Effect of mescaline on the stability of brain-cortex ribosomes”. 
Biochem J. 1970 May 07;117(5):961-8.
1. During the action of mescaline sulphate on goat brain-cortex slices the ribosomal particles become susceptible to breakdown, releasing protein, RNA, acidsoluble nucleotides and ninhydrin-positive materials, resulting in loss of ribosomal enzyme activities. 2. Ribosomes of the mescaline-treated cortex slices undergo rapid degradation in the presence of trypsin and ribonuclease. 3. Mescaline does not alter the chemical and nucleotide compositions or the u.v.-absorption characteristics of ribosomal particles, however.
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