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Datta M, Podder A, Dattagupta JK. 
“p-Hydroxyephedrinium Dihydrogenphosphate”. 
Acta Crystallographica. 1994 Jul;C(50):1132-5.
The structural investigation of the title compound, [1-hydroxy-l-4-hydroxyphenyl-2-propyl]- methylammonium dihydrogenphosphate, C&8321&8320 H&8321&8326 NO&8322&8314 H&8322 PO&8324&8315, h a s been carried out by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The ethylamine side chain has a trans conformation relative to the phenyl ring and is nearly fully extended and approximately perpendicular to the phenyl ring plane. The H&8322PO&8324&8315 group possesses a slightly distorted tetrahedral configuration. The crystal structure is stabilized by a three-dimensional network of hydrogen bonds with the p-hydroxyl, ethanolic hydroxyl and amino groups of the p-hydroxyephedrine cation hydrogen bonded to the O atoms of the phosphate anion, indicating a putative environment of these drug molecules at their storage and receptor sites in biological systems.
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