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De Letter EA, Coopman VA, Cordonnier JA, Piette MH. 
“One fatal and seven non-fatal cases of 4-methylthioamphetamine 4-MTA intoxication: clinico-pathological findings”. 
Int J Legal Med. 2001;114(6):352-6.
We present a case history involving one fatal and seven survived cases of intoxication with 4-methylthioamphetamine 4-MTA, also called para-methylthioamphetamine p-MTA or methylthioamphetamine MTA, a relatively new amphetamine analogue. Two of the seven survivors required a 24-h-period of observation in hospital. This report proves once again that the new amphetamine designer drugs are not without danger, as is thought by many young people. In addition, individually different subjective reactions are described. Finally, the medico-legal implications of new, as yet unregistered drugs are discussed.
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