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Duffy MR, Swart M. 
“Severe Ecstasy poisoning in a toddler”. 
Anaesthesia. 2006 May 05;61(5):498-501.
A 17-month-old toddler became critically ill after an accidental overdose with 'Ecstasy'. A single tablet was quickly retrieved intact from under her tongue, but within 5 min the child developed generalised tonic-clonic seizures requiring immediate transfer to hospital. She also had hyperthermia 38.5 degrees C, tachycardia 150 beats.min-1 and hypertension. Treatment to terminate the seizures necessitated intubation and ventilation, and cooling measures brought the temperature within normal limits. The child was admitted to the intensive care unit and made a rapid recovery. She was discharged to the ward 12 h later, and had no long-term sequelae.
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