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Epstein D, Gunn JA, Virden CJ. 
“The action of some amines related to adrenaline: IMethoxy-phenylethylamines”. 
J Physiol. 1932 Oct 05;76(2):224-46.
THE discovery of the composition and structure of adrenaline has led to the investigation of a large number of related compounds in which modifications of adrenaline have been brought about by alteratioti either of the catechol nucleus or of the methyl-amino-ethanol side chain or of both. Dakin [1905], who was one of the first to explore the actions of compounds related to adrenaline, found that catechol itself produced a rise of blood-pressure in rabbits but that the methyl ether of catechol produced no such effect. He concluded: 'It appears that the catechol nucleus is essential for the production of physiologically active substances of the type of adrenaline,' and 'It is of importance that the hydrogen atoms of both hydroxyl groups in the catechol nucleus be un-substituted.'
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