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Ernst AM. 
“Relation between the structure of certain methoxyphenylethylaminederivatives and the occurrence of a hypokinetic rigid syndrome”. 
Psychopharmacologia. 1965 May 10;7(6):383-90.
In previous papers ERNST 1962a, 1962 b the relationship was studied between the chemical structure and the pharmacological activity of some methoxyphenylethylamine-derivatives and the alcaloids bulbocapnine, papaverine, laudanine and laudanosine. These substances were all capable of producing a Hypokinetic Rigid Syndrome H.R.S. which is manifested in cats as a catatonic state. It was supposed that the paraposition of the OCH&8323-group in the phenol-ring is essential for the development of this syndrome. Since other methoxyphenylethylamine-derivatives came to our disposal, it became possible to obtain further evidence on the relationship between this position of the OCH&8323-groups and the occurrence of the H.R.S. in cats.
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