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Follas WD, Cassady JM, McLaughlin JL. 
“β-phenethylamines from the cactus genus lobivia'”. 
Phytochemistry. 1977 Mar;16:1459-60.
Six species of Loivia and one species of Pseudolobivia were investigated as listed in Table 1. Source : specimens of L. allegriana and L. aurea were obtained from Abbey Garden, Reseda, California and those of L. buckebergii, L. binghamiana, L. pentlandii var. carminea, and P. kermesina were supplied by Grigsby Cactus Gardens, Bella Vista, California. L. huashua var. rubra was obtained from the Desert Botanical Garden of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona. All plants conformed to identifications as determined by their commercial suppliers, and reference photographs are on file.
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