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Tóth AR, Hideg Z, Institóris L. 
“[An old-new illicit drug - mephedrone]”. 
Orv Hetil. 2011 Jul 7;152(30):1192-1196.
New natural and synthetic compounds are continuously introduced into the illicit drug market. Their origin, composition, main and side-effects are often not exactly known by the users themselves. Thus, the control of these substances is extremely difficult. AIMS: In year 2008, a new synthetic drug called mephedrone (2-metilamino-1-(4-metilfenil) propan-1-on) appeared in Hungary. This work summarizes its frequency in biological samples investigated for illicit drugs, and experiences of the medical examination of mephedrone-users.

METHODS: Toxicological analyses of biological samples (urine and/or blood) were carried by GC-MS at the Institute of National Toxicology and at Department of Forensic Medicine, University Szeged.

RESULTS: Altogether 5386 samples were analyzed in 2010 (4922 in Budapest and 464 in Szeged), and mephedrone was identified in 363 cases (7%). Conclusions: mephedrone is banned in Hungary since 1st of January 2011 but it still present in the illegal drug market. At present we do not have sufficient experience with its long-term effects, tolerance, addiction, withdrawal symptoms or toxic dose. Thus, it is difficult to establish whether addiction and/or mental disorder occurred. Orv. Hetil., 2011, 152, 1192-1196.
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