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Fuller RW, Kaiser C. 
“Effect of 2-(p-chlorophenyl)cyclopropylamine on 5-hydroxyindole concentration and monoamine oxidase activity in rat brain”. 
Biochem Pharmacol. 1980 Dec 21;29(24):3328-30.
p-Chloroamphetamine (PCA) causes a rapid and long-lasting depletion of serotonin in rat brain [l]. PCA is thought to affect serotonin neurons acutely by (a) inhibition of tryptophan hydroxylation, (b) release of vesicular bound serotonin, (c) inhibition of serotonin reuptake from the synaptic cleft, and (d) inhibition of serotonin oxidation by monoamine oxidase, and to produce neurotoxic degeneration of some serotonin neurons resulting in a chronic decrease in tryptophan hydroxylase activity, serotonin and S-hydroxyindoleacetic acid (S-HIAA) concentration, and serotonin uptake capacity (variables associated specifically with serotonin neurons).
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