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Yin S, Wahl M. 
“Intentional Coricidin Product Exposures among Illinois Adolescents”. 
Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse. 2011 Aug 12.
OBJECTIVE: We sought to describe the demographics and trends of Coricidin product abuse in children in Illinois and to calculate an approximate total charge to the health-care system.

METHODS: In this retrospective database review, we identified 652 cases of intentional exposure to Coricidin products among children < 18 years old in the Illinois Poison Center database from 2001 to 2006. Demographic, historical, clinical, and outcome data were recorded.

RESULTS: The mean (standard deviation) age was 15.7 (1.58) years. A significant increase in exposures occurred during the study period which showed a cyclic nature with peaks in the fall months. Of the patients with disposition data available, 28.6% were admitted to a critical care unit, 15.2% to a noncritical care hospital unit, 6.3% were admitted for inpatient psychiatric care, and 46.4% were evaluated in the emergency department and discharged home. Moderate or major outcomes were reported in 42.7% of cases in which data were available. No deaths were reported. The total approximate hospital charge was $2,119,881.90 or $353,313.65/year. Conclusions: Intentional abuse of Coricidin products reported to the poison center occurred primarily among adolescents and was often associated with significant short-term clinical effects and a clear financial burden to the health-care system. Scientific Significance: This investigation demonstrates that Coricidin product abuse continues to be a problem particularly among adolescents. Parents and clinicians need to continue to be aware of these substances as drugs of abuse and curbing sales to adolescents should be considered.
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