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Bowden M, Trevorrow P. 
“BZP and New Zealand's alternative approach to prohibition”. 
Drug Test Anal. 2011 Jul 22;3(7-8):426-7.
What is the history of BZP in New Zealand and how did it all start? In 2000 we started supplying BZP as an alternative for amphetamine addicts following the emergence of various issues with methamphetamine use in the country. Over the following eight years, over 26 million BZP pills were consumed by 400 000 consumers on 10 million occasions. There were no recorded deaths or serious, lasting injuries caused by the BZP consumption and it did reduce the demand for other drugs. We trialled industry self-regulation. This was largely successful, but there were some manufacturers who made the pills too strong. This required government intervention in setting limits on how strong the pills can be and manufacturing standards to make the compound safer. BZP was made illegal in the lead-up to an election but forged the basis for a new legislative structure to regulate safer drug alternatives in the future.

Who made the first BZP and put it into capsules for human consumption? BZPs history in humans goes back to researchers in the early the 1970s testing on amphetamine addicts. BZP was identified as the active metabolite of twodifferent antidepressants in the 1980s and, based on that history, Stargate started making it available as a replacement drug to amphetamine addicts in the year 2000.
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