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Verrill AE. 
“A Recent Case of Mushroom Intoxication”. 
Science. 1914 Sep 09;40(1029):408-10.

A recent case of mushroom intoxication

Although it has been stated, in standard works on fungi, that a common and otherwise edible species (Panaeolus papilionaceus) sometimes has intoxicating properties, it seems desirable to record the recent experience of two persons who ate considerable numbers of this species unmixed with other kinds.

They were familiar with this species and various others, and had on everal occasions eaten in small numbers, mixed with other kinds, without noticeable effects. This is a small, rather delicate, umbrella-shaped mushroom, which is common on cultivated land, planted to farm crops.

Mr. W., whos narrative is here given, is a middle-aged vigorous man, strictly temperate in his habits. He is a good botanist, and has made a special study of fungi. The account of his experience was dictated to me by him about a week after the event, while freeh in his memory.

The lady referred to as Mrs. Y., who also ate the mushrooms, ia his niece by marriage. Her husband (Mr. Y.) was preeent, but ate no mshrooms. He could observe some things not noticed by the victims, both of whom experienced nearly the same effects. Mrs. Y. also gave the writer a personal account of some of her symptoms, essentially the same as those here narrated. This article in its present form has been read by Mr. W. and approved by him.

The parties are natives of Oxford County, Maine, where the event oceurred. Their real names are withheld, by request. The effects experienced are in some respects similar to those caused by hashish; others are like those experienced by some opium smokers, especially tho multiplication of objects and their bright colors. The appearance of vivid colors recalls the symptoms described by Dr. Weir Mitchell, when he took Mexican mescal pills, as an experiment. The loss of the power of estimating time and distance, as in some dreams, is interesting, as existing when other faculties were active.
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