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Howard JH. 
“Peyote Jokes”. 
J Am Folklore. 1962 Jan-Mar;75(295):10-14.
The peyote cult or religion has become well known to students of the American Indian through a series of excellent monographs and descriptive papers. The religion, which entered the Plains area from Mexico around 1870, features an all-night ceremony in which the peyote cactus, Lophophora williamsii, is consumed to the accompaniment of prayers and ritual music. Although peyotists have sometimes been persecuted, and the possession of peyote is illegal in some states and provinces, the cult continues to flourish and spread in both the United States and Canada. [...] In most peyote-using groups it has also given rise to a particular genre of humor known as the "peyote joke," which is the subject of this paper. [...]
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