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Patrick KS, Williard RL, VanWert AL, Dowd JJ, Oatis JE, Middaugh LD. 
“Synthesis and pharmacology of ethylphenidate enantiomers: the human transesterification metabolite of methylphenidate and ethanol”. 
J Med Chem. 2005 Apr 14;48(8):2876-81.
Ethanol elevates methylphenidate (1) plasma concentrations and yields the metabolite ethylphenidate (2). The therapeutic implications are under investigation. The IC(50) for dopamine reuptake inhibition by (+)-2 was 27 nM compared to 367 nM for cocaine and 1730 nM for (-)-2. Binding selectivity for dopamine versus norepinephrine transporters was greater for (+)-2 than for cocaine. Intraperitoneal (+)-2 was approximately half as active as (+)-1 in stimulating mouse motor activity at 5 mg/kg, but (+)-2 was as active as (+)-1 at 10 mg/kg.
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