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Macdonald K, Feifel D. 
“Dramatic Improvement in Sexual Function Induced by Intranasal Oxytocin”. 
J Sex Med. 2012 Mar 30.
Introduction. A variety of sources indicate that oxytocin has beneficial effects on several components of sexuality. This is a case report on a male who had significant, broad-spectrum improvements in sexual function during a course of intranasal oxytocin treatment for social anxiety. Aim. To document a case of diverse, salutary effects of oxytocin on sexual function. Methods. The patient was in individual treatment for a variety of difficulties, including social avoidance and relational problems. A biopsychosocial evaluation ruled out medical conditions and substance-related issues as a cause of sexual difficulties. After obtaining informed consent, an off-label trial of intranasal oxytocin was administered targeting his social anxiety and relational avoidance. Results. Oxytocin positively impacted a number of components of sexual function, including libido, erection, and orgasm, and was well tolerated. Conclusions. This is the first case we are aware of documenting broad-spectrum benefits of chronic intranasal oxytocin on male sexual function. Future trials of oxytocin for psychiatric indications should specifically monitor its effects on sexuality, and trials directly investigating oxytocin's impact on aspects of sexual function are warranted.
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