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Kała M, Lechowicz W, Skulska A, Barwina M, Sein Anand J. 
“[Resurgence in paramethoxamphetamine use: Review of poisonings and two recent cases study]”. 
Przegl Lek. 2011;68(8):548-52.
Two recent cases of death due to p-methoxyamphetamine (PAM) intake, a methoxylated phenethylamine derivative, were described and compared with previous PMA related deaths that occurred in many countries. Following a review of the available literature from 1974 to 2011 three periods of resurgence of an unsuspected increase of lethal PMA causation were considered. Signs of intoxications, concentrations of PMA found in biological materials were discussed. Based on the case reports can be concluded the great number of victims were unconscious of taking PMA as substitute of MDMA. Two new methods for screening, identification and quantification of amphetamine derivatives in biosamples (blood and urine) using LC-MS/MS techniques were developed. The methods have proven to be appropriate for clinical and forensic toxicology purposes.
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