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Goldenthal EI. 
“A compilation of LD50 values in newborn and adult animals”. 
Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 1971 Jan 30;18(1):185-207.
A tabulation of LD50 values for newborn and adult mammals has been compiled from the literature and from the files of the Food and Drug Administration.

The Food and Drug Administration has been recommending acute toxicity studies in one or more species comparing newborn with adult animals if a drug is proposed for use in neonates or infants. If unusual qualitative or quantitative differences are found. the potential benefit must be reconsidered in regard to the potential risk in light of the new therapeutic index. Comparative acute toxicity data have provided a basis foi some generalizations regarding some classes of drugs, but the clinical implications of these findings remain rather nebulous. Currently the onus rests primarily upon the clinical pharmacologist who, with only meager preclinical data as background, usually works his way down from age level to age level, acquiring additional experience as he goes.

The compilation presented here (Table I) consists primarily of data submitted in drug applications from pharmaceutical manufacturers. Also included are some data from the literature and from studies performed in our laboratories. Since these data have been developed by a number of different laboratories, obviously the attendant variations in experimental conditions must be considered in their interpretation. Although generalizations on the basis of therapeutic activity are possible for some
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