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Westphal F, Schaefer T, Zechlin L, Stoll S. 
“Identification of 4-Methylamphetamine in a seized Amphetamine Mixture”. 
Toxichem Krimtech. 2011;78:306.
In 2010 a new designer drug 4-methylamphetamine was detected in an amphetamine mixture. The structure was elucidated by GC-MS after electron ionization (EI) and chemical ionization (CI) with methane as reagent gas, product ion spectrometry (EI-MS/MS with argon as collision gas under normalized conditions) of the immonium ion, and by NMR spectroscopy. Additionally, the acetyl, the trifluoroacetyl, the heptafluorobutyryl, and the formyl derivatives of 4-methylamphetamine have been prepared and measured on GC-MS.
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