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Renfroe CL. 
“MDMA on the street: Analysis Anonymous”. 
J Psychoactive Drugs. 1986;18(4):363-9.
In summary,this article examines the validity -- or purity -- of MDMA from 1973 to 1985. Considering the limitations of the data, one might conclude that, until the news media's love affair with Ecstasy last summer, MDMA never earned a real reputation of its own. As laboratory analyses revealed, MDMA was often substituted or adulterated with MDA.

However, average validity rates over the 13-year period show that MDMA was a better street buy than MDA. This may no longer be true since the federal scheduling of MDMA in July 1985. Government regulation and the cultural infatuation with Ecstasy are bound to affect the supply and purity of street samples, so new efforts to provide confidential street drug analysis are desperately needed. Unfortunately, funding for such services is not likely in the political climate surrounding drug abuse issues today.
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