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Gonzalez D, Torrens M, Farre Magi. 
“Acute Effects of the Novel Psychoactive Drug 2C-B on Emotions”. 
BioMed Research International. 2015;2015.
Background. 2C-B (Nexus) is one of the most widespread novel psychoactive substances. There is limited information about its pharmacological properties, and fewstudies in humans concern its acute and chronic effects. 2C-B has been classified as a stimulant, hallucinogen, entactogen, and/or empathogen. Objectives. To evaluate the emotional, subjective, and cardiovascular effects of 2CB. Methods. Twenty healthy recreational 2C-B users (12 women) self-administered a 20mg dose of 2C-B. Evaluations included emotional (IAPS, FERT, and speech), subjective (visual analog scales, ARCI, VESSPA, HRS, and POMS questionnaires), and cardiovascular effects (blood pressure and heart rate). Results. Positive subjective effects predominated with a reduction of anger under the influence of 2C-B. It did, however, increase reactivity to negative emotional stimuli and decrease the ability to recognize expressions of happiness. Augmented emotionality in speech could be appreciated by others. 2C-B induced euphoria and wellbeing, changes in perceptions, and slight hallucinogenic states. Mild sympathetic actions were observed. Conclusions.The specific profile that 2C-B exerts on emotions suggests its classification as an entactogen with psychedelic properties.
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