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Martin JR, Moreau JL, Jenck F. 
“Aniracetam reverses memory impairment in rats”. 
Pharmacol Res. 1995 Feb 31;31(2):133-6.
The pyrrolidinone derivative aniracetam given orally immediately after acquisition of an inhibitory avoidance response reproducibly ameliorated scopolamine-induced amnesia in female rats in an extensive series of test sessions conducted over a 1-year period. In a dose-response experiment it was demonstrated that 50 mg kg-1 was the lowest oral dose of aniracetam to significantly ameliorate scopolamine-induced amnesia. Combined results from these numerous test sessions demonstrated that 50 mg kg-1 aniracetam administered to scopolamine-treated rats resulted in 53 of the animals exhibiting correct passive avoidance responding in the retention evaluation versus 9 of the scopolamine-treated rats given vehicle (in comparison, 64 of the rats injected with vehicle rather than scopolamine in this experimental situation exhibited correct responding in the retention test). There was minimal variation in this pattern of results over the successive 1-month blocks constituting the complete experimental period. Thus, the nootropic compound aniracetam replicably exhibited memory enhancing effects in this animal model of reduced cholinergic function.
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