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Lee CC, Lin YY, Hsu CW, Chu SJ, Tsai SH. 
“Movement disorder caused by abuse of veterinary anesthesia containing tiletamine”. 
Am J Emerg Med. 2009 Oct 27;27(8):1022.e5-6.
Zoletil (Telazol) is a fixed-ratio combination of the tranquilizer zolazepam, with the dissociative anesthetic tiletamine, used for injection anesthesia in dogs, cats, wild, and zoo animals. We report a veterinarian who developed movement disorder after abuse of Zoletil for a 2-week period. Phencyclidine derivatives, that is, tiletamine can induce movement disorder in human. Tiletamine/zolazepam can be abused for recreational purpose, especially by those people with easy access to veterinary medications. Emergency physicians should have high alert to the diverse presentations of drug abuse. This case again highlights that the association between accessibility of scheduled drugs and health care professionals.
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