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Arora D. 
“Xiao Ren Ren : The 'Little People' of Yunnan”. 
Economic Botany. 2008;62(3):540-544.
Xiao ren ren are widely known in Yunnan province, China, at least at the mid-elevations where Han Chinese and Yi people predominate. The phrase means “little men” or “little people” (xiao, little; ren, man or person, the redundancy being an idiom to indicate lots of men or people, which the standard plural form renmen does not necessarily connote). Xiao ren ren are typically glimpsed or experienced after dining on inadvertently undercooked, blue-staining boletes of uncertain identity. The people of Yunnan seem almost universally amused by the xiao ren ren rather than fearing them or revering them.
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