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Popovici AF, Simion RM. 
“Searching for Spirituality through the Use of Psychedelic Drugs: the Case of Psychonauts”. 
Journal of Experiential Psychotherapy. 2017 Jun;20(2):32-36.
INTRODUCTION: The motivation underlying substance abuse is a complex one. According to some authors, spirituality and the quest for autognosis can be considered motivating factors for psychedelic drugs use. This goes beyond the sphere of neurobiological conditioning in drug use, assuming that there is something more complex such as someone's need to heal wounds from the past or idle curiosity to find answers to existential questions and spirituality.

The main purpose of this study is to raise one's awareness over the subject and to emphasize the necessity for more advanced studies among Romanian population. By making a literature review of the findings concerning drug abuse proceeded from spiritual reasons, the article aims at clearly presenting the negative effects of psychedelic substances and also the limitations of their positive ones. It is crucial to know the long term effects as well as the short terms effects of this behaviour on humans. Also, another objective is to present a possible profile of a "psychonaut" that manages to perpetuate his/her habits without complications. In order to understand and to prevent this behaviour, it is important for us to understand the thing that triggers the decision to start taking psychedelic drugs and how this decision transforms in a way of living.

METHODS: Literature investigation.

CONCLUSIONS: The use of drugs for spiritual reasons can have a negative impact on the life of the consumer. Because of this fact, the psychologist must be able to find strategies to help them understand the risk of this behaviour, by exploring new alternative solutions to their needs.

Key Words: psychonauts, substance abuse, spirituality, autognosis
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