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Wood HC. 
“On the Medical Activity of the Hemp Plant, As Grown in North America”. 
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society. 1869 Nov 19;11:226-232.
A prize essay, read before the Amer. Phil. Soc., Nov. 19, 1869 by Dr. Horatio C. Wood, Jr., Prof. Of Botany, University of Pennsylvania; Secretary of the Committee of The College Of Physicians of Philadelphia on the Revision of U.S. Pharmacopeia.

The author gives a first account of trying cannabis that includes time dilation, elation, doom, and panic.

"I suddenly recollected where I was, and looking up, saw my patient sitting quietly before me. The conviction was irresistible, that I had sat thus many minutes, perhaps hours, and directly, the idea fastened itself that the hemp had commenced to act, and bad thrown me into a trance-like state of considerable duration, during which I had been stupidly sitting before my wondering patient."
Notes # : Wood self-experimented with extracts of cannabis prepared in Philadelphia from hemp grown in Lexington, Kentucky and submitted an essay about the experiments to the American Philosophical Society.
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