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Klerman GL. 
“Psychotropic hedonism vs pharmacological Calvinism”. 
Hastings Cent Rep. 1972 Sep 10;2(4):1-3.
The introduction of effective psychotropic drugs for clinical treatment of mental illness has had immediate, direct and important consequences for mental health care. There has been a shift from hospital to community-based programs. The deleterious effects of hospitalization have been minimized, and in some instances, eliminated by the use of open-door techniques and restriction of the adverse practices such as seclusion and restraint. We see shorter periods of hospitalization and decreased stigma attached to mental illness. With the broadened definition of mental illness, larger segments of the population now are seeking help from mental health professionals. Much social deviance, previously regarded as legal, is being redefined as mental ill health. Hopefully, psychopharmacological agents will prove useful in altering behavior deviance such as alcoholism, drug addiction, and perhaps even crime and delinquency.
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