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Gilmore HT. 
“Peyote use during pregnancy”. 
S D J Med. 2001 Jan 01;54(1):27-9.
Peyote is a substance with varied potential. Used properly it may be a spiritual aid but used in excess, it can be a hallucinogenic agent with teratogenic potential. There is a growing community of devout people who use it as part of their religious observance. The active ingredient, mescaline, has been linked to a specific group of fetal abnormalities when the substance is used inappropriately.
Notes # : As of 2018, this paper's conclusions had been getting some distribution. It is based on Geber's flawed and discredited work from the early 1970s, failing to add anything meaningful to the literature while ignoring every single study that contradicted the earlier paper. (per K. Trout)
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