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Gool RY, Clarke HL. 
“Anaesthesia for Under-doctored Areas: A Trial of Phencyclidine in Nigeria”. 
Anaesthesia. 1964 Apr 01;19:265-70.
[Excerpt / No Abstract] In under-doctored countries the problem of providing safe and adequate anaesthesia for surgery and obstetrics is one not easily solved. Many of the smaller hospitals have only one doctor and even when there are two or more doctors in one centre few will have had any specific training in anaesthesia other than that obtained prior to qualification. Under these circumstances spinal and regional anaes­thesia are widely used, while if general anaesthesia is employed it is usually the practice to delegate the maintenance of anaesthesia to a nurse with no formal training(1). [...] The main trial consisted of 500 phencyclidine anaesthetics given at University College Hospital, Ibadan, mainly for obstetric, poor risk and paediatric cases.
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