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Cheek FE, Newell S, Joffe M. 
“Deceptions in the illicit drug market”. 
Science. 1970 Jan 27;167(3922):1276.
For the past 3 years, we have become increasingly concerned with the fact that persons taking illicit psychedelic drugs were running great risks, not only because of the possible dangers inherent in the psychedelics themselves but also because of unknown dangers in the products imputed to be psychedelics. We have been able to obtain a number of street drugs, marketed as psychedelics, and these have been analyzed. The 44 samples allegedly consisted of the following: 20, LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide); 6, psilocybin; 13, mescaline; 1, peyote tar; 1, MDA (3,4-methylene dioxyamphetamine; 1 DET (diethyltryptamine); and 2, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Of the 44 samples, 10 were thought, because of similarity of size, shape, and origin, to be duplicates. Of these duplicates, five were alleged to be LSD, two psilocybin, and three mescaline. However, it is questionable that any one sample would be the same as any other, even if said to be in the same batch. The samples represent (not completely) (i) what is now available on East Coast markets, both urban and suburban, and (ii) the LSD available over the plast 3 years in the New York Area.
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