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Akram G, Galt M. 
“A profile of harm-reduction practices and co-use of illicit and licit drugs amongst users of dance drugs”. 
Drugs: Education, Prevention & Policy. 1999 Jul;6(2):215-225.
Examined harm-reduction practices that users of dance drugs (Ecstasy, amphetamine and LSD) applied in relation to their drug-taking behaviour and also the extent of co-use between dance drugs and prescribed/'over the counter' medication. Data were collected by a self-administered questionnaire from 125 respondents recruited by convenience sampling and the Key Informant Access method (P. Griffiths et al, 1993). The majority of Subjects, especially females, indicated that they applied harm-reduction practices. The most popular of these were drinking water and 'chilling out'. Just under half of all Subjects had taken dance drugs with other prescribed or 'over the counter' medication. Females were significantly likely to mix the two. This study highlights areas where future policies on drugs education may have to be considered. ((c) 2000 APA/PsycINFO, all rights reserved)
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