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Adrafinil Side Effects and Contraindications
Collected & Translated by Erowid (October 31, 2001)
Based on information from BIAM (french)

Adrafinil (and its close cousin Modafinil) have side effects and contraindications similar to other stimulants. Some of Adrafinil's side-effects can include:
  • Overstimulation - transitory, discontinue administration
  • Confusion - transitory, discontinue administration
  • Aggression - transitory, discontinue administration
  • Intestinal discomfort / pain
  • Skin Infections
  • Mania, especially in people with predisposition, bipolar disorder
  • Lack of Anticholinergic effects in rats (Rambert FA, J Pharmacol 1986)


  • Epilepsy
  • Liver Disease / Dysfunction
  • Sever Renal Disorders
  • Professional Athelets (disallowed by rules)

Not considered teratogenic in animals (has not been shown to cause damage to developing fetuses).

The originating document on the french pharmaceutical database does not have any references. We believe that most of the side effects listed are based at least partially on the side effects which have been more thoroughly documented for Adrafinil's close relative Modafinil. As of October 31, 2001 PubMed db had only 14 journal references on the search term "adrafinil". Pubmed had over 150 references on the search term "modafinil". None of the Adrafinil papers appeared to document clearly the side effects profile in humans. We aren't really sure where the BIAM got their data.