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Adrafinil: Amazing Breakthrough in Perception Stimulation
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(archived from Longevity Report)

[Erowid Note: The following reads like an advertisement for Adrafinil and the lack of author should give the reader reason to wonder about the credibility of the rather glowing claims.]

Even though the aging process does not always lead to dementia, it is a sad fact that unusual fatigue and lowered mental energy are often very common, even amongst so-called "middle-aged" people1.

The good news is that a French drug therapy is now available to combat this worrying condition. This new breakthrough is called ADRAFINIL, and is usually sold under the brand name Olmifon (tm). Thus, it has now become possible to effectively treat this decline in mental ability.


Adrafinil works directly on special receptors in the brain, these are called postsynaptic receptors2,3. Since adrafinil works directly on those sites which control alertness and does not interfere with any other brain function, it has been a very successful treatment. (It should be noted that this direct action means that mental stimulation is achieved WITHOUT raising blood pressure or affecting heart rate).

Adrafinil acts on the chemical processes of the brain to prevent the loss of alertness and the depression that occurs with increasing age 4,5.

Adrafinil is a completely new substance, unique in its special action on alertness.


You will note that adrafinil is the first of, what will almost certainly be, a whole new generation of safe, non-addictive antidepressants. Adrafinil is the founder member of this new generation of drugs, which are known as "eugregorics" (eu=good, gregor=arousal)6.

The main properties of a eugregoric substance are:
  • improved short term memory
  • improved attention and concentration
  • enhanced clarity of thought.
  • normalization of sleep patterns.
  • less mental fatigue.
  • higher quality of self-awareness.
  • raised levels of optimism and enthusiasm for day to day life
  • freedom from depression.
These benefits are experienced by almost all adult age groups. Adrafinil is the only eugregoric drug that is currently available.

Adrafinil allows a restoration of daytime alertness and studies indicate that it helps to prevent brain aging7,8. Adrafinil can be effectively used to correct ALL of the following conditions:

  • general physical and mental fatigue.
  • loss of initiative.
  • reduction of motor activity.
  • lack of, or decline of interest in social events.
  • a drop in intellectual ability and a lack of new ideas.
  • memory problems and a fall in efficiency, productivity and creativity.


A fascinating aspect of adrafinil is its unusual way of working - different effects occur as the course of treatment is continued. Adrafinil has three distinct effects which occur at different times during the treatment period. We list below an approximate timetable of events:

  1. After 8 to 10 days of treatment, motor effects are seen: Increased "get up and go", which permits the return of full physical activity. An improvement in the ability to "get things done". Muscular fatigue and motor blocks disappear.
  2. After 15 days of treatment, there is a powerful re-energizing effect on activity, which allows a full restoration of functional ability, improved desire to take a full part in life and enhanced energy levels.
  3. After 1 to 3 months of treatment, cognitive effects are seen. Intellectual function is improved, in particular, the ability to formulate new ideas and recall information.

The effects of adrafinil are totally different from the other psychostimulants such as amphetamine, caffeine etc. Common stimulants like caffeine, only lead to fleeting and sterile stimulation, not to mention the problems of tolerance which occur when they are used for long periods.


Adrafinil can produce amazing improvements in a person's general attitude:

  • absent-mindedness becomes concentration.
  • irritability becomes tranquillity.
  • bad moods become good moods.
  • quiet people become talkative.
  • reserved people become open.
  • passive people become active.
  • drowsy people become wide-awake.

Adrafinil's stimulating properties are NOT produced by amphetamine methods, thus it can be safely used without fear of addiction. In addition to this adrafinil benefits are both therapeutic and long-lasting, helping to restore decision making abilities and the mental functions which allow a better adaptation to both the working and social environments


Adrafinil (sold as Olmifon TM) is an exciting and unique development in the battle against brain aging and the subsequent decline in mental function. For the past 3 years adrafinil has been used to treat Alzheimer's victims in France9,10. Sadly, although it cannot cure the disease, initial indications are that it can certainly arrest the development of senile dementia during the early stages of mental decline.

Whilst adrafinil is not a cure for senile dementia, scientific studies show that it may well be the much sought after preventative to mental deterioration. This is in addition to its remarkable antidepressant effects.

Adrafinil can be used to increase intellectual ability and creativity and could be of special value to the following groups:

  • computer enthusiasts.
  • artists and writers or any involved in creative activities.
  • those studying for examinations.
  • those looking to increase their social skills.


2 to 4 tablets per day. Adrafinil is a powerful brain stimulant and this dose should not be exceeded. In contrast to stimulants like amphetamine and caffeine, adrafinil does not disturb sleep patterns. Some people can experience mild agitation and feelings of aggression or excitement when they first start the treatment. If this occurs, the dose is reduced until the symptoms disappear. Gradually increase the dose over a period of time until the best tolerated level is reached.

Most people find that adrafinil is well tolerated.

Under 65 years of age take 1 to 2 tablets in the morning and at midday, preferably with food.

70 years of age and above take 1 tablet in the morning and at midday, preferably with food.

The reduced dosage for the older person is due to the increased sensitivity of the elderly to this therapy.


Adrafinil has a good safety record, however, there a number of important precautions. Those with epilepsy, liver or kidney impairment should not use adrafinil. Adrafinil should not be used along with major tranquillizers, e.g. pimozide, haloperidol, chlorpromazine etc.

Prolonged treatment (i.e. in excess of 5 months) should be avoided unless the level of the enzyme alkaline phosphatase is monitored.


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