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From: (Charles Mullen)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Cloud 9 Review
Date: 14 Oct 93 10:25:49

I don't know if all the questions have been answered in regards to cloud 9,
the alleged e substitute.  I hardly have all the answers.. But what I do know, 
is the following.  Friday night two friends of mine tried cloud 9. One of them 
was intoxicated from drinking about 6 or 7 beers.  The other was sober. The 
capsules that cloud 9 come in are huge. They swallowed the capsules and waited.
Within an hour they were both extremely sleepy, yet felt an urge to chat with
people at the same time. It was not in any way comparable to e, according to
both of them. Oh well.... Sorry about the bandwidth if you guys already know
all this.
Spencer Mullen .... OCMR 1555  Oberlin, OH 44074 ....  216.774.1633


Newsgroups: alt.drugs
From: M
Subject: Re: Cloud 9 Review
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1993 03:11:23 GMT

	I don't think Clound 9 is GHB... it's a whole lot of organic material.
Ground up herbs and such... it didn't taste salty like GHB...



From: (Phase)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: cloud-9
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 94 19:15:37 EST
Message-ID: (Jonathan Graham) writes:

) 	A friend of mine said that a couple of days ago, he was reading 
) High Times and saw an ad for Cloud-9 by mail order.  Does anyone know
) about its effects, side-effects, hazards, problems?  He said that it is
) legal, but he wants to know if anyone has tried it and any other useful 
) info.  Anything that I could pass along to him would probably be most
) appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
) -J. 

A friend of mine has purchased and tried Cloud-9. I read the brocure
it's distributers mail out on request, and it's very vague and unspecific,
and it tries to make this herbal placebo sound like a good replacement
for MDMA. Not a chance...

He bought the caplets from a health food store, for around $10 a piece.
He said it produced a definate warmth sensation, but it was very minimal,
and that a cup of coffe was way more psychoactive. He said it was a total
waste of money, and he wouldn't take it in the future even if it was free.
It's a placebo "sugar-pill".

At that price, there's far more worthwhile herbs and synthetics to spend
my money on.


Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 1994 08:15:12 UTC
Subject: CLOUD 9

	Well I've heard a lot about people asking about cloud 9.  I would
just like to tell you all that I have tried it and didn't notice a thing
once and noticed a little another time.  The first time I tried it I went
to a rave and I felt real active and excited.  The second time I sat
around my house and felt little more than awake.  The people who make it
say that you have to get out and be real active for the stuff to work. 
(It supposedly feeds off chemicals already in your body, like adrenaline
and stuff)   Thats mainly what I've found.  If anyone has any more direct
questions, just email me and I answer all of em.  

BTW, I was talking to someone about it through email and I seemed to have
lost his address,  If this was you then send me your address again.
(I think his name was Tom)

					Bye bye.

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From: an056@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Gregory Winer)
Newsgroups: alt.psychoactives
Subject: Re: Cloud 9
Date: 4 Apr 1994 17:56:45 GMT
Message-ID: 2npkct$h0a@usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu

[quoted text deleted -cak]

I've tried it...The experience was VERY similar to a caffine coctail 
(caffine and ephidrine) dose.  IMHO, It's nothing like "X".  Save your
bucks, and buy some no-doze and mini-thins, if you're into that kinda
G. Winer       =-=-=-=



Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 1994 12:04:48 UTC
Subject: Cloud 9

]In article, Thermodynamix ( writes:
]Cloud 9 may be obtained from:
]      Advanced Research 2000
]      P.O. Box 494490
]      Redding, CA 96049
]      (916)223-2000

]Okay so I called.  You can order 10 capsules for $120.  But before
]I or anyone else does this lets hear some personal testimonials. 
]Anyone out there ever try this stuff??????? 

Okay, I called some time ago, and obtained the stuff.
My roomate with a friend tried a capsule each. Waited but nothing happened.
I tried two capsules, again nothing happened. 

Did not even feel any stimulant effects ! A cup or two of coffee will
definately be stronger.

For all those posts with a stiry like :  I met such and such at and she/he
couldn't stop smilling .... etc, etc... FOAF said she/he was on 
*some new pill*  called Cloud ...

These stories are : a) a hoax to make people on the net get interested
                    b) confused reviews since some clubs throw parties
                       under names like "white cloud", or cloud whatever.
                       At these usually all dress in pure white ( as opposed
                       to the pure black of the 80's) and take X and 
                       generally have lots-and-lots of fun. 

So, I recommend to perspective buyers to beware. 

Actually I am surprised
that almost none on the net has relayed any personal tries of this 
hoax, of cloud 9 passing as a XTC substitute. On the bright side none has
said anything positive either.

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Newsgroups: alt.psychoactives
From: hawks@benji.Colorado.EDU (andy)
Subject: Re: Cloud 9
Message-ID: (hawks.766168310@benji.Colorado.EDU)
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 16:31:50 GMT

[quoted text deleted -cak]

There was that front page story in the Colorado Daily you might
(should) have read about two weeks ago...If I remember correctly, of
the four or so people who were willing to share their xperiences with
Cloud 9 bought at Nootrophia or Ground Zer0 in Boulder, one person
just felt sick after taking one or two capsules, one person reported
empathogen-like effects after taking it for three days continuously,
one person didn't notice anything . . . .

I had been wanting to take it after first hearing about it On The
Hill, and then right after that it's populartity exploded wheen it
started showing up on rave flyers at Wax Trax.  Soon after that was
when the Colorado Daily front-page article appeared, and the police
said they were going to do their tests on it and I'm sure the Daily
will publish what the plice want to say about it (if that's worth
anything).  Odds are they'll just say "it's a bunch of natural stuff
which you could mostly get at Alfalfa's or Wild Oats market and so any
effects that compare to those of ecstacy are largely psychosomatic."
I would suppose it would be extremely dissappointing to get one's
hopes up for this shit, especially anyone who's had any experience
with any of the designer drugs it's supposed to mirror (but mild
enough to be legal), like ecstacy.  TSS.  I think the interest in
Cloud 9 is from the same group of people who approach lsd with that "i
would but i want to do it naturally, so i'll do shrooms instead of acid"
mindset, just replace ecstacy with acid and Cloud 9 with shrooms.
But, of course, the parallel is flimsy at best, since not only or lsd
and shrooms fairly different, but ecstacy and Cloud 9 are not even on
tthe same level of intensity with each other.  

Here's a reprint of Nootrophia's flyer on Cloud 9, for what it's
worth.  It's vague, promotional, meant to sell the stuff, probably
doing mmore harm than good:

The Next Level of Conciousness

o  Cloud 9 is a natural supplement, which has a dramatic stimulating
   effect.   Each capsule is 850 mg.

o  Could 9 is a natural herbal extract formula imported from the high
   mountains of Tibett and Siberia.

o  It is 100% organic, legal, safe and is registered as a food
   supplement.   No, there are no known side efffects.  (There are no
   claims or refunds of this product).

o  It gives people a natural, safe and fulfilling alternative, which
   will improve the scene, [rave scene, if it can still be called
   that, I guess] and good health of all Americans.

o  Cloud 9 is currently being sold in the US, UK, France, Australia,
   and sooon Tokyo.  Nootrophia is proud to offer a new way to aprty
   in Colorado.

"I dig this stuff, it feels like an incredible euphoria!  It's
antural, oorganic, and safe.  What more could yoou want to improve the
scene?"   -F.P.  Hollywood Hills, CA

"The best part about Cloud 9 is you feel great the next day, unlike
the crash X can give you."  -B.Z. Sydney, Australia

"I'm a promoter here in the UK and it's been a pleasure to see people
changing  over to Cloud 9 at the events here, we feel that it is about
time for a product l;ike this to come about without harmful side
effects."  -P.G. London, UK

"I was skeptical at first when I heard about Cloud 9, but after
experiencing it I'm a lifetime distributor and consumer."  -S.R.
Hosuton, TX

"I just didn't want to stop dancing.  What a great feeling."  -M.C.
Denver, CO

The Designed Effects Are:

1)  Warm Sensation
2)  Energy Rush
3)  Creates Euphoria
4)  Enhanced male & female sexual responses
5)  Enhances all five senses

There ar no refunds on this product.




From: (Derek Tiffany)
Newsgroups: alt.rave
Subject: Re: Cloud 9
Message-ID: (
Date: 12 Apr 94 09:51:58 GMT

[quoted text deleted -cak]

I have talked to about 5 people who have tried it...and no one has ever
gotten anything out of it...that's all I know...

later days and sunny rays,
Derek Tiffany          | | This space for rent
University of Richmond |    |(= djt{zero}u@aurora...
or just plain derek if you prefer


Newsgroups: alt.rave
Subject: RE: Cloud 9
Message-ID: (2oeud0$
From: (greggory kevin sandovalotecon)
Date: 12 Apr 1994 13:56:16 -0600

	As I mailed, Cloud 9 is total and complete CRAP!

	I saw an ad for it in Sin and I thought it would be cool to try out,
since I was running a smart bar in the city at that time. I called the info
line and left my name and phone number as requested and recieved a return phone
call at about 8:00 p.m. the following day. I talked to a very nice lady on 
the phone and she described her product and how they were looking to find a
distributor for our area, because they didn't have one yet. They offered to
sell us a 100 count bottle for $5 a piece, the 'wholesale' price, I guess. I
thought to myself, "Damn! That's a lot of money!" But we said it was too
expensive and declined her offer.
	I receieved another call back with another offer for a 10 count bottle
for $30 + shipping. Some friends and I accepted and recieved the bottle three
days later. We decided to give it a try at the Halloween rave. Well, one friend
got completely sick, flushed and generally irratated. Another got nothing at
all, no 'increases energy, mild euphoria, increased sexual response,' NOTHING!
I took it and was milded irratated, kinda like a niacin flush, and a bit
	Later that week, I opened up one of the capsules I had left to see
what was in it. It looked and smelled EXACTLY like the ephedra that Durk &
andy use in their 'Thermogen Tea' formula. The powder was a fuzzy brown and
smelled vaguely spicey.
	My guess is all it is is EPHEDRA and maybe some ginseng or kava kava.
It's not worth $15-$20 a pop, especially when they recommend taking TWO pills.
I suggest locating some Mini Thins and taking some of those before you take
'the legal alternative to MDMA.' Its better and a hell of a lot cheaper! Don't
buy the sale pitch that its a cot effective alternative to Ecstasy. It's a
complete RIP-OFF! You're probably better off buying from the shadey E-dealer
than you are from the Cloud 9 peddler. At least you might wind up with
something good from the dealer!!

	Another alternative I've found that works is 'Happy Camper' available
from any GNC store at the mall. It comes in a nice happy yellow,green and red
bottle of 60. It's got kava kava, gotu kola nut, siberian ginseng, guarana?
and other natural stimulants that really work! Take about two or three and if
like it share with yer friends! A couple of those, a smart drink with 
l-phenylalanine and you'll be better off than taking that crap Cloud 9 stuff.

	Spread the word about this product: SAY NO TO CLOUD 9 !!!

	Peace, love & respect,

				Gregg S
				DJ Intensity

p.s. massive SHOUT 2 all the 'ardcore Junglistic massives! Hold it down!


Newsgroups: alt.rave
From: hannon@rintintin.Colorado.EDU (HANNON  PADRAIC I)
Subject: Re: Cloud 9
Message-ID: (hannon.766217799@rintintin.Colorado.EDU)
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 1994 06:16:39 GMT

 It took Cloud 9 about a month ago, and except for a BRIEF burst of energy 
similair to honey it did nothing, especially at $15 a pop. Take X instead
it definatly is not an alternative or a substitute in any way shape or form.



Newsgroups: alt.rave
From: zichi@spot.Colorado.EDU (Yogi)
Subject: Re: Cloud 9
Message-ID: (Co6xHw.AKL@cnsnews.Colorado.EDU)
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 1994 09:10:44 GMT

In article (2oeqv3$,  ( wrote:
)Hmm..That's interesting.  The distributer at the rave was a company from   
)Colorado I think, they were called Nootropics. They were passing out flyers
)for Cloud 9 as well as selling it.  They also were selling something   
)called Yohimbix.  They said it was an aphrodisiac (sp?).  I'm assuming 
)it's yohimbine bark.  Anybody have any experience with Cloud 9, Yohombix,
)or any other legal "drug" that is sold at raves? Please reply!

	I was at the giveaway in Colorado when Nootropics was first trying
to market the stuff.  After taking it, and talking to about another dozen
people at the club, we all agreed that it was EPHEDRINE (white cross).  
	From reading the other posts on here, I would surmise that this is
happening all over the nation.  So, to sum it up for everyone who is 

		Cloud 9 is BOGUS!  Cloud 9 is EPHEDRINE!


From: Dale Shin (
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Cloud 9
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 14:48:50 -0400
Message-ID: (

Well, I did it with my friends last thursday.  Boy, it was something. 
It's not at all like ecstasy though.  I tried x once and supposedly it
was more heroin than x so I guess I can't really say.  

I took one dose, which is two capsules of cloud 9.  I also took one
capsule of nirvana-6 which is supposed to boost/enhance the effects.  I
was very skeptical after reading a post here that described a cup of
coffee being stronger.  That is not altogether true, at least with me. 
Later we smoked some sticks of tea and so this is cloud 9 together with
the effects of THC.    

We did as prescribed, taking it on an empty stomach.  I had lunch at
around one o'clock and took the pill at around six that evening.  After
about an hour I started to feel something.  First, I could feel a
strange weirdness in my stomach.  Not butterflies, but kind of like the
feeling you get when you dose on acid and the first tremors of it affect
your stomach.  The whole time I was on cloud 9 I also felt a nervous
tension I also get with acid.  Except this was very low key.  On acid,
my whole body tenses; my jaw and head especially.  Cloud 9 did not do
that but gave a very similar tension emanating from my stomach at a very
low volume.  

If I tilted my head back so I could look straight up at the sky and then
slowly face forward at a normal angle, my whole scalp tingled.  Every
time I ran my fingers through my hair it plowed a path of tingling
sensations in my scalp.  My other friends felt the same.  I liked that a
lot.  That was about the only physical sensation I noticed, that and my
stomach feeling strange.  Later my stomach started to hurt a little, but
as soon as I started to talk again it went away.  Later, the tingles,
which lasted about two hours, went away and then at one point my heart
seemed to beat with irregularity.  It felt like my heart was being
overtaxed, kind of like heartburn but no burning sensation.  

My friend took two doses, six capsules in all, and he felt all those
effects in the first half-hour.  We were having a carnival at our school
and he felt sick after we rode the pirate ship which goes up and down
really high.  I had the greatest time on it though, lifting my hands up
every time we went to the top.  My friend though declined from riding
anymore after that.  

We all had strange periods where our stomachs would start to hurt.  But
if you keep talking, we found that it went away.  You know, get your
mind off it then all will be better.  

In terms of being an ecstasy substitue, nay I say.  I did feel like
doing things instead of just sitting around and stuff but everyone else
seemed really beat.  And I guess it could feel like the after effects of
an all nighter with coffee and vivarin.  I am not going to try this
again.  I don't think it's worth $20.  In terms of mood, I felt good
however, but that's because I like anything that alters my brain even a
little bit.  But if you're expecting some drastic things to happen,
you'll be disappointed.  It does give you a light, tense feeling for
about seven hours.  

I told my friends who weren't on it about the tingling scalp and they
just laughed saying it's not worth it.  If you like your scalp to
tingle, then this is the drug ( I mean vitamins) for you.


Message-ID: (
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
From: (Xist)
Date: Sun,  5 Jun 1994 21:39:46 UTC
Subject: CLOUD 9? Is this stuff real? (Bradley J. Finlay) writes :
)I dunno if this is fer real or not.  I don't know anyone personally that has
)taken it (you'd have to get it mail order here) but I've read in Project-X
)magazine that some of the staff took it and had various degrees of
)experiences.  Everything from a tingling scalp to a small caffeine rush to
)nothing at all.  It sounds to me that comparing it to 'e' is a bad idea. 
)espresso might be better (and it's natural too!).

	According to my experiences and friends,  CLOUD-9 is as good
	as a placebo.  
	Nothing came on. Absolutely nothing. Not even caffeine-like
	effects. Not even a mild stimulation. These are the results of
	3-4 times of taking Cloud-9 myself and independent friends.
	All pills came from the same Cloud-9 sealed bottle. 

	Try sugar next time, or parsley. Parsley you can smoke.

	Caveat Emptor, or whatever.


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From: ()
Newsgroups: chico.general,alt.psychoactives,alt.drugs,alt.angst
Subject: cloud 9, review
Date: 29 Jul 1994 21:15:32 GMT
Message-ID: (31brhk$2hr@charnel.ecst.CSUChico.EDU)

Up in Redding, they are selling this new psychoactive drug
called cloud 9.  It is fairly new, so there is no law
against it yet. I took one dose, about 2 hours ago, and
it's kicking in full force right now, as I am writing this.
I must say, it's very similar to "Ecstasy, MDMA", in a sense
that I don't feel any anger or hostility towards any one now.
I realized, only reason I flame on the net and say bad things
to people, is because I am so frustrated from being psychologically
alone. It's a very mild, dreamy feeling, kind of like coke, but
with out the guilt, and with out the angst. 
Just try some, and I think net will be a much friendlier place.
It's up in Redding, on 8759 Airport Rd. STE. #C.
For non-Chico people, call, (916) 223-2000.


Newsgroups: alt.drugs
From: (John Shorey)
Subject: Re: Nirvana+, Cloud9, Yohimbe State
Message-ID: (
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 1994 03:42:40 GMT

: The pitch goes like this:

: Cloud9 gives you a 100% natural MDMA like buzz (only milder), the
: Nirvana+ enhances the buzz 4-6 times, and the Yohimbe acts as an
: aphrodesiac.

: I bought some to sample it, and will post after I try it out.  I'm
: expecting this to be a rip off, but I will post after the experience.

I bought $60 worth and they threw in some of that nirvana+ crap (huge 
capsules i might add)

I tried it last saturday and i can honestly say it didnt do much at all.  
The only thing i felt was the "tingling" feeling that some others have 
described..and it did make me a little horny, BUT..there is NO WAY this 
can be compared to X....not even close, in fact my $60 could have been 
well spent elsewhere.

For those of you interested in a FAQ on cloud 9 try:

It is filled with displeased customers.


From: JT
Newsgroups: alt.psychoactives
Subject: Cloud 9, Nirvana+, et al
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 1994 21:53:40 EST

Ok, the package came today.  What a brochure! "Ancient Pathways, Future
Horizons",  "The Next Level of Consciousness", "Isocentric Imaginations",
"geez, what a load of shit.

On the Cloud 9 package: Ingredients: MA Haung, Ephedra, Dosage 1-2 on an
empty stomach, 850 mg total per capsule (wow now that's a kick)

On the Nirvana+ package: 500 mg L-Glutamine, 500 mg L-Glutamic Acid,
500 mg L-Phenylalanine, 250 mg L-Caffiena, Dosage 1/day or 2 w/Cloud 9

Yohimbix 8 is pure Yohimbe Liquid

Looks like N+ is an amino cocktail with Caffine and Could 9 is just an
Ephedrine buzz, a major one.  I'll be experimenting soon.

Remember kids: 1oz Yohimbix 8 = $80
               Cloud 9 = $10/capsule
               Nirvana+ = $2/capsule

I spent $40 for 4 Cloud 9, and got 2 N+ for "free".  If you took about
$60 to GNC or a cheaper, similar store you could get a month's supply
of all three.

I'll post if/when anything dramatic happens (unless, of course, it's a



From: (patrick Ira Donegan)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs,alt.psychoactives
Subject: Re: cloud 9?!
Date: 6 Dec 1994 23:12:53 GMT
Message-ID: (3c2r5l$

yes, i have done cloud 9 a few times.

the first time i took two hits.  my stomach was empty, as per my freind
sold them to me... after about an hour and a half i was feeling
so i drank an un-pasturised fruit drink (8 oz) and started my hour
drive home.  After a few minutes.. maybe 15, i started to get waves of
what i would describe as euphoric.  very similar to Extasy, yes - only
not as intense
and not as often.  i was in this state for a few hours, as i was tired
and ready to sleep (4 am).  

I had fun... i can't remember the experience of my second trip, sorry.

i like the idea that all the ingredients are from the plant world...

let's hear some more re-collections

peacefully, patrick


From: (Joshua Simon Livni)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: herbal e
Date: 29 May 1995 22:40:52 GMT
Message-ID: (3qdihk$1p0@darkstar.UCSC.EDU)

[quoted text deleted -cak]

I tried it the other night at a rave.  I paid $20 for 10 tablets, and 
their recommended dosage is 5.  I ate all 10, 5 then 5 half hour later.
It definately did something, but not comparable to the real thing.  Mild
euphoria (if that's not an oxymoron) for 4-6 hours, and I had a fair 
amount of energy come 7am (I ate them around 11 or so), but that might 
have been contact high from the rave.  Hope this helps.


From: Jay Riddle (
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: Natural ecstacy
Date: 6 Jul 1995 20:17:17 GMT
Message-ID: (3thgcd$

I did some a while back, and didn't get a thing out of it, nothing like 
true ecstacy.  I believe the only active ingredient is ephedrine.  My 
girlfriend got a big bump out of the same dose that I took, but I 
attribute that to a low tolerance for ephedrine-related stimulants (I'm a 
heavy caffeine user, she is not).


From: (Kenny Jow)
Newsgroups: alt.rave
Subject: Re: Ecstacy (Herbal)
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 19:21:19 UNDEFINED
Message-ID: (

[quoted ad deleted -cak]

Sorry.  I have tried Herbal Ecstacy and it didn't do ANYTHING.  If I was lying 
in bed in my room at night and I popped a pill, I  might have felt a REMOTE 
buzz, but THAT'S ABOUT IT.  So please if you sell EX, sell the real EX, and 
don't take away anymore of our money.


Newsgroups: alt.drugs
From: (Christopher Clay)
Subject: Re: Herbal Ecstacy Info Here
Message-ID: (
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 05:51:28 GMT

[quoted text deleted -cak]

I LOVE Herbal Ecstacy, as well as Herbal Bliss.  We've sold hundreds
of doses of each in my shop, and many people get upset when we run

It gives me a warm glow inside, lots of energy, a clear head, and I
can smoke ounces of bud and keep getting higher instead of falling

There's always a few people that don't seem to feel it as much, but
most of our customers love it!



On May 17, 1995, the Great Canadian Hemporium in London, Ontario, was 
raided by police.  Owner Christopher Clay (a.k.a. Hemp Boy) faces life
in prison for selling a 3" clone to an undercover cop.  His fight is 
now a constitutional challenge, headed by law professor Alan Young and
partner Paul Burstein.  Donations to the Hemp Nation Constitutional 
Challenge can be made at any Royal Bank in Canada: Hemp Nation, Transit
#2722, Account #1045889. Call (519) 433-5267 for more information.

Herb like fruit.  Keep you healthy, mind clear.  The healing of a nation.
                                    --Bob Marley, 1976


From: (the EFFector)
Newsgroups: rec.drugs.psychedelic
Subject: Herbal Ecstasy
Date: 27 Jul 1995 00:07:57 GMT
Message-ID: (3v6lct$

Had some last night. It worked better the second time because i had and 
empty stomach. Generally it just gives you a feeling of contentedness and 
you chill out for a few hours. It's a lot cheaper if you buy larger 
dosages and, of course, HeX (as i like to call it) is _legal_.

  /_ /_     the EFFector     | ||===||=== ||===|Demand your rights   _\ _\
   /_ /(| ||   ||    ||   |NOW,or they will be   \ _\
    / /( | ||== ||==  ||== |taken from you        \ \ 
    //    (WWIVnet1@50635)   | ||   ||    ||   |forcibly.              \\
   //      (FOXnet 1@10)     | ||===||    ||   |		        \\


Newsgroups: rec.drugs.misc
Subject: Seen on TV so it must be true!
Date: 3 Aug 1995 20:18:00 -0400
Message-ID: vrovo$
This post will mainly be of interest to US readers familiar
with the degraded state of broadcast journalism (and in
particular the phenomenon known as "tabloid television").
The following quotes are from an August 3rd broadcast of Hard
Copy.  I watched it in hopes of getting a few belly-laughs 
from the promised expose' on herbal extasy.  I was not 
"...the mind-bending drug called Extasy that's got everybody
 who takes it wanting more, yet any kid can buy it over
 the counter."
"From coast-to-coast, a new form of Extasy is being sold
 over the counter at your local store."
"Most say its just as mind-bending" as MDMA!
In addition, some pony-tailed intellectual (I was laughing
too hard to catch his credentials) warns sternly of the
dangers of putting something in your body "that will take
you to a place you've never been before".  Herbal X???
At the risk of belaboring the obvious, it's my conclusion
that this brand of journalism is interested in but one thing --
putting a flashy product together fast and selling it to an
audience of unquestioning, slack-jawed suckers.  
(Phew).  Rant over.  Thanks for listening.

From: (Vale Kennt)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs.psychedelics
Subject: Re: Herbal Ecstacy...!!
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 1995 04:22:47 GMT
Message-ID: (413ouc$

Yes, i do, it is a scam as far as i am concerned.  I took 5 tablets,
almost half of a gallon of water, on a totally empty stomach, and
maybe, *MAYBE*, i got a little perkier from it.  mostly all i did was
urinate alot.  
there's my take on that topic..


From: (Andreas Berlind)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Herbal E - Its effects on me:
Date: 12 Nov 1995 01:13:35 GMT
Message-ID: (483hnv$

Well, I tried herbal E last night. I had it and I was curious to see
what its effects are. Here is the scoop:

-I took 5 tabs (one dose) with plenty of water, and waited.

-Forty minutes later, I thought I was beginning to feel funny, but I wasn't 
 sure if this was a placebo effect.

-An hour later, I decided  that I actually was feeling a little funny (emphsis
 on "little"!). I waited for a stronger feeling.

-An hour and a half later I was still waiting.

-Two hours later I was still waiting.

To cut it short, nothing much ever happened.
It wasn't worth the $10.