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Hydergine has a reputation for offering relief from age-related mental decline. There is evidence to suggest that there is some truth behind these claims. The FDA has approved Hydergine for use by those over 60 who are experiencing mental decline.
Dose #
Dose Summary Needed.
Price #
Price Summary Needed.
Law #
Law Summary Needed.
Chemistry #
Chemistry Summary Needed.
Pharmacology #
Pharmacology Summary Needed.
Production #
Production Summary Needed.
History #
Hydergine was developed in the 1940's by Albert Hofmann (who is best known for discovering LSD) while working for Sandoz Pharmaceuticals.
Terminology / Slang #
The Substance:
Hydergine; Dihydroergotoxine; Ergoloid mesylates.
The Experience:
No common terms known.
Effects Summary Needed.
Onset #
Onset Summary Needed.
Duration #
Duration Summary Needed.
Visual Effects #
Visuals Summary Needed.
Problems Summary Needed.
Contraindications #
  • Pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking Hydergine during pregnancy.

Addiction Potential #
Addiction Potential Summary Needed.
Long Term Health Problems #
Long Term Health Problems Summary Needed.
Risk of Death #
Risk of Death Summary Needed.
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