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The Eightfold Path
of Buddhism
After describing the Four Noble Truths in his sermon at Sarnath, the Buddha taught the Eightfold path, the eight pursuits of one seeking enlightenment. It is the middle way between extremes such as asceticism and indulgence. It is a description of the path to reduced suffering.

The Eightfold paths do not have an order. They are all inter-dependent and rely on each other. They read as a collection of issues one will need to deal with on the path to enlightenment. If you look at the list as a whole you will see that it pretty much covers everything. They are overlapping realms of human existence that can be used as a sort of analysis tool for noticing and picking out areas of one's life that need to be worked on, improved, or fixed.

The Eightfold path
1) Right Understanding (knowledge, vision)
Seeing the world as it is. Understand the nature of the quest, and the four noble truths.

2) Right Resolve (aspiration)
Know where you are going. Decide what it is that you want.

3) Right Word (speech)
Attention to language. Speech should be truthful, charitable, and tactful.

4) Right Action (behavior, conduct)
The Five Precepts: avoid taking life, taking what is not given, inappropriate sexual relations, false speech, and inappropriate intoxication.

5) Right Livelihood (means of subsistence)
We spend most of our time at our jobs, so it's important that our jobs do not conflict with how we would choose to act. A job which requires or causes you to act other than how you would choose will hinder you on your path.

6) Right Effort (application)
Continued intent. A single-minded, unfailing effort needs to be put towards the path.

7) Right Mindfulness (intellectual activity, presence of mind)
An understanding of the self and reality. Gaining an ability to think as you would choose. Not being controlled by your thoughts.

8) Right Meditation (concentration, positioning of the psyche)
Control over the mind. Choose who you want to be and be it.