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MDMA Crash
by Erowid
Some, but not all, users of MDMA report a dramatic drop in mood as the peak effects of MDMA wear off. This is often called the "crash". Users who experience crashes, report that they do not always get them with MDMA and many users report no crash.

The crash is the experience of having a harsh or difficult transition from the very open, happy, and wonderful experience of the peak effects of MDMA back to baseline consciousness. Many users report a feeling of loss as the effects wane, feeling 'burned out', or having strong feelings of sadness, dread, or annoyance.

While it is not unexpected to have some nostalgia or sadness associated with ending a very joyous experience, the disparity between the peak of the high and the low of coming down can be overwhelming for some users. Some users report crying & sobbing as the effects of the experience wear off.

One of the primary problems associated with crashing is that some users find the comedown so difficult that they re-dose multiple times in order to stave it off. This generally leads to worse hangovers, using more than initially intended, and often regretting the re-dose the next day. Many users choose to take other psychoactive substances in order to 'soften the landing', such as alcohol, valium, LSD, mushrooms, amphetamines, 2CB, et cetera.

The "crash" experience is not unique to MDMA and is found after many intense drug and non-drug experiences.

If you'd like to share your experience of crashing after MDMA use, submit it here.