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Jon Hanna
Photo by Bläk, 2011
Jon Hanna
Photographer Unknown
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Jon Hanna
Jon Hanna is best known as the producer of Mind States--a conference series that explores various methods for altering consciousness. He has spoken internationally on the topic of visionary art and entheogens, showcasing collections of psychedelic art and hallucinatory animation at events in Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Jamaica, Mexico, Portugal, and Switzerland. In the arena of harm reduction, he has volunteered as a sitter at Burning Man, the BOOM festival, and other gatherings.

Author of the Psychedelic Resource List, Hanna is considered somewhat of a "psychedelic consumer advocate", highlighting reputable vendors as well as exposing companies, events, and individuals that have less than scrupulous records. He has written articles, columns, and reviews for Entheogene Blätter, The Entheogen Review, Erowid, Heads, High Times, the MAPS Bulletin, Morbid Curiosity, The Resonance Project, and Skunk.

In 2008, Hanna began working as a Senior Editor for Erowid Center. In 2013, Hanna moved on to better pay and greener pastures, using his excellent editing skills and world-class knowledge of psychoactives to help others.

Author of (Books)
  • Psychedelic Resource List (1996-2004)
  • Music Business Tips for New Bands (1994)
  • Editor / Contributing Editor
  • The Shulgin Index by Alexander Shulgin, Tania Manning, and Paul Daley (2011)
  • Nomad Codes by Erik Davis (2010)
  • Tryptamine Palace: 5-MeO-DMT and the Sonoran Desert Toad by James Oroc (2009)
  • Tribal Revival: West Coast Festival Culture by Kyer Wiltshire (2009)
  • Erowid Extracts (2006-present)
  • Evolver Magazine (2006)
  • Back From The Void by Zoe Seven (2005)
  • Higher Wisdom by Charles Grob and Roger Walsh (2005)
  • Ketamine: Dreams and Realities by Karl Jansen (2001)
  • The Spirit of the Internet by Lawrence Hagerty (2000)
  • Ayahuasca Analogues and Plant-Based Tryptamines by Jim DeKorne, David Aardvark, and K. Trout (2000)
  • MAPS Bulletin (1999-2004)
  • The Entheogen Review (1998-2008)
  • Salvia Divinorum and Salvinorin A by David Aardvark (1998/2002)
  • The Secret Chief by Myron Stolaroff (1997)
  • Divine Sage: The Definitive Guide to Salvia Divinorum by Daniel Siebert (forthcoming)
  • Author of (Book Reviews)
  • Marijuana Law by Richard Glen Boire
  • More...
  • Videos
  • "What About Erowid?" [with Sylvia Thyssen], The World Psychedelic Forum (2008)
  • "Psychedelics, Altered Consciousness, and Visionary Art", Entheogenesis Conference (2004)
  • Audio
  • "Energy Drinks... and Other Stuff" [interviewed by Lorenzo Hagerty], Psychedelic Salon (2007)
  • "The Future of Entheogens" [with Sylvia Thyssen], The Oracle at Erowid, Burning Man (2006)
  • "Drug Inspired Metaphysical Concepts", at Palenque Norte, Burning Man (2003)
  • Interviews with
  • "Promoting the American Scene..." [interviewed by Markus Berger], Entheogene Blätter (2003/2006)
  • "Interview mit Jon Hanna" [interviewed by Jörg Auf dem Hövel], Hanfblatt [in German] (2004)
  • Interviews by
  • "Dave Nichols Closes Shop" [interviewed by J. Hanna and T. Manning] (2012)
  • "Erik Davis Speaks..." The Entheogen Review (Winter 2006)
  • "Terence McKenna Speaks..." [interviewed by J. Hanna and Sylvia Thyssen] (1999)
  • "Jonathan Ott Speaks...", Part One [interviewed by J. Hanna and Will Beifuss] Part Two (1998)
  • "Alex Grey Speaks..." [posted in Writings > Interviews] (1998)