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Reports from Mar 12 2008 - Mar 12 2008
(18 Total)

The Fun Came to Me Al MDMA (Ecstasy), Alcohol & Cannabis 2008 Mar 12
Holy Sh!t!!!!!! Flowbass 5-MeO-DMT 2008 Mar 12
The True Void Fischer 5-MeO-DMT 2008 Mar 12
Ability to Dream Destroyed, then Restored Tektonik Diphenhydramine & 5-MeO-DMT 2008 Mar 12
Left Me with a Great Impression T. Dawson AMT 2008 Mar 12
The Pill Popping Purple Pimp Squeaks AMT 2008 Mar 12
Everything is Perfect EL_Ramage_LG 5-MeO-DMT 2008 Mar 12
Almost too Much Begbie 5-MeO-AMT 2008 Mar 12
Unimaginable Depths of Terror Aurelito 5-MeO-DMT 2008 Mar 12
Nausea Notes Strungs 5-Meo-AMT 2008 Mar 12
Cosmic Joke on Me Yrm0m Syrian Rue 2008 Mar 12
An Unusually Good Trip Jen AMT 2008 Mar 12
Out of Control Sackajuweeda 5-MeO-AMT, Nitrous Oxide & Salvia divinorum 2008 Mar 12
Black Pyramid EbbOfTheGreatTide Huasca Brew (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) 2008 Mar 12
Maddening Itching BAddicted 5-MeO-AMT 2008 Mar 12
Stumbling Down the Street DXMUSER619 DXM with CPM, Alcohol - Hard & Drug Testing 2008 Mar 12
Screaming/Laughing Children Emily Nutmeg 2008 Mar 12
Out of Body Chantillyexpell DMT 2008 Mar 12

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