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Rowing Out On The Ocean
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by Momentous
Citation:   Momentous. "Rowing Out On The Ocean: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp101263)". Nov 6, 2018.

50 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (fresh)


This is my 9th Mushroom Trip Report:

I recently picked a crop of three different strains: Cambodian, Brazilian and Golden Teacher, it was roughly 50 grams of fresh Psilocybe Cubensis. I was hoping to do them as individual strains but this flush did not produce the necessary dose of 50 grams of the individual strains so I had to mix the strains and even use a little dried to get the equivalent of 50 grams fresh.

I had not eaten since noon and it was about 6:45pm. I planned for a 7 o’clock departure. As I laid it out on the plate it seemed like a lot and I was somewhat uneasy about how this might go. Each time a trip I go through a ritual of self-evaluation and kind of mind cleansing or purge in order to get ready for whatever might come. I take each trip very seriously and I try to clear my head and resolve myself to deal with whatever comes my way.

Two days earlier I took 5 grams of dried prepared in a mint tea and I was definitely tripping but mild visuals. In fact I would have welcomed bats with fangs and flying spiders but I had very mild bejeweled rivers of beauty but really not what I had expected and I deemed it a failure to launch. I was going to do the fresh the very next day but I thought I should give it a full 48 hours before trying again.

In addition to the plateful of fresh I made a little tea with the dried that took me to the 50 grams. I ate them plain and really made an effort to taste them and let them sit on my tongue and in my mouth before swallowing. I waited until after I ate them all before starting the tea. I felt connected to these shrooms having cared for them for something like 8 weeks
I felt connected to these shrooms having cared for them for something like 8 weeks
; coaxing them through the mycelium growth stage and then a few more weeks in the fruiting chamber and I had just picked them over the last couple of days so eating them and really tasting them was a treat and something I enjoyed.

They have a very earthy taste, not unpleasant. I took my time eating them and took maybe a full half hour to finish the entire plate. After finishing the entire plate I took my tea into the other room and started to drink it slowly and let it set in my mouth before swallowing. Near the end I took one big gulp and swallowed everything.

I took a shower and set up my computer so I could listen to music while I trip. It was about an hour now since I first started eating them and I was lying in bed in the dark waiting for it to kick-in. I don’t think I was through one song before I launched into a very strong DMT like trip. I turned off the music. This was something special happening and I did not want music or anything to interfere with what was happening. There is an audio aspect to this but I can’t really describe it. It affects the ears like a distant churning of some sort.

It hit me fast and before I could even be concerned I launched into this DMT trip that was very strong and active. I was completely tripping in this DMT world/experience for three full hours. I can understand how anybody going through this would consider it a religious experience; however, there was no god, no angels or aliens or any entities. I was open to whatever this was but I have no idea what it is. I have been here before on DMT trips but briefly. This was a profound and unearthly experience I can only describe as some sort of telepathy with a higher consciousness and it was completely astonishing.

It is un-English-able but it was beauty on a cosmic and galactic scale. I use those words cosmic and galactic because I somehow those words fit best with what I was experiencing. I really felt completely fine and not frightened or even nauseous but completely astonished. I start to consider that I was experiencing a symbiosis, telepathy with the mushroom I ate and was experiencing somehow the consciousness or mind of the mushroom. You are what you eat and this thought did not seem wild or crazy but made a good deal of sense.

Beyond the mushroom I thought perhaps Earth was minded and I had tapped into its consciousness and maybe the sun was conscious and somehow I was picking up all of these galactic conscious energies and I was tapped-in and having a very real and very profound experience of light and energy displayed in this non atomic world of beauty beyond my imagination. I saw endless impossible machines made from jewels and light and everything was flowing. It was more than psychedelic. I enjoy psychedelics and listen to music while tripping… this was different, this seams to be a place where something is going on; like a non-atomic universe or dimension made from information, beyond math or language.

After an hour of this I wanted to tell people. I felt that this is astonishing and alien and real, and I must tell people about it. But that would be like telling people I saw a UFO because what I saw was intelligent and far beyond human imagination.

Is this the foundation of all religion? Is this what religion lost? It made sense to me that this is divine and I was having a religious experience well beyond anything ever communicated to me about spirituality.

Ego dissolved; borders and boundaries dissolved into what I considered godless, galactic and even universal beauty. The universe made conscious and I could see how some would say this is heaven or even this is the mind of god. But it is not. This is the mushroom. “This” is the mind of a mushroom and the entire church and Christianity is nothing more than a mushroom cult. I thought how funny, for me, one who does not believe in anything remotely religious, experiencing the “mind of god” through the mushroom.

I though how ironic all the self-righteous, god-fearing people who attend church every week had no idea they were praying to a mushroom, perhaps even an alien mushroom from another planet or even star system. Perhaps the mushroom is from a planet in the star system that went supernova and created our solar system. None of this seemed odd to me.

I thought the church must know about this or did it completely fall by the wayside while the church became a political business. Early Christian art clearly depicts the relationship to the mushroom. Is this the true soul of the church? Did the church loose its soul? No, the church must have hug stockpiles of mycelium and they’re all a bunch of stoners. Anything else would be insane! What if Christianity grew out of this experience and then they lost touch with this experience?

Anyway, I have no clue as to what it is or what is going on. This was an incredible experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed. When I first started to come down after a good three hours in a very strong DMT like trip I felt a peaceful calm and now I’m tired. Having experimented with LSD in my younger days I have to say this is completely unlike the LSD trip. This was many times more visual than any straight LSD experience I’ve ever had.

I remember someone saying, “You may take LSD but Mushrooms take you.” I definitely got taken for a ride. I feel like I’ve been through the mill. I have a slight headache, likely due to light sensitivity to my computer but otherwise I feel good and sharp. I don’t think it gets more spectacular than what I just went through. I’m glad it only shared its good side. I don’t think I would want to do a dark side of this but I seemed to be able to manage it with breathing exercises and positive thinking.

Notes: I don’t drink or smoke and no other alkaloids or any substances were taken during or prior to this trip. I take no pharmaceuticals. My experience with psychedelics is 15 –20 DMT trips, HBWS and Psilocybe Cubensis or Psilocybin. This was my ninth trip on Psilocybin and fourth trip of over 5 grams dried.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101263
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 55 
Published: Nov 6, 2018Views: 1,676
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