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Hum or Sing
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by Nautapsyco
Citation:   Nautapsyco. "Hum or Sing: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp101995)". Jul 2, 2020.

1.5 - 2.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


It had been many years since I experienced a strong psychedelic experience. The last time I consumed mushrooms was in 2004 or there about. The mushrooms were grown by a coworker of mine and I was told they were G+. They were less than spectacular, and I only experienced a low level museum trip after eating 3.5 grams. Prior to this 2004 trip I had used LSD quite frequently as a youngster (age 16-18 far too young IMO) and I would say that all those trips were also low to medium level trips. My further experimentations with drugs as a teenager led me down a slippery slope and ended up in rehab after an overdose of heroin at age 18. (My older brother found me in bed blue and barely breathing) This gave way to 7 years of sobriety as I realized how lucky I was that I didn't die. After the 7 years of sobriety I decided one day to smoke some herb. Well I fell back in love and I have been smoking daily. MJ helps me tremendously with my undiagnosed or self diagnosed I should say ADHD. So for nearly 10 years I have been back in the world of psychoactives but with a much stronger cense of self and self worth. I would love to go on and write all about my younger years of out of control behavior with drugs but for now I will return to this mushroom trip.

I was running low on my herb stash so I sent a message to my delivery service ( I live in a big city) and like clockwork an hour later he arrives. (Yes it's just like the movie Half Baked) I am always super excited to see what type of bud they brought. He opens up his air tight case and inside are rows of clear plastic rectangular containers containing different strains. Sativa, Indica and the latest of hybrids all labeled and sealed with a colorful sticker and the name of the strain. I love this service, they are bit expensive but they are always reliable. As I am scanning the beautiful samples I see one container that has mushrooms!! What....? No way, this is great! I immediately grab it and look at the label. It says Mexicana Golden. I set that aside for a moment and turned my attention back to the bud. He had some Kush and Diesel but I was looking for something that wasn't too much of a head whomper. I consulted with my guy and ended up with a Sativa hybrid called Alpha Blue. Very nice energetic high. It didn't lock me on the couch after I smoked it. Turning my attention back to the mushrooms I asked him how they were. He said that he tried them for the first time and he took a few caps and stems. It sounded like he ingested under a gram. He said he felt 'good and high'. Whatever that meant. Therefore I couldn't go off of his experience.

I typically like to use psychedelics alone.
I typically like to use psychedelics alone.
Other people have a tendency to make things weird for me and cause too much of a distraction. All it takes is someone to say something bizarre or they are having a moment where something is tripping them out and I start to fall into the same mind state. So I planned to take the mushrooms the following Saturday night when my wife would be out of town for a work trip. I was reading a lot of trip reports and reading wonderful free books. After a week of reading nothing but factual information about mushrooms and trip reports I decided to use the mushrooms as a tool and learning experience. As a young man I would just trip for fun. So I thought that this would be quite a different experience.

5:00 pm Saturday. Last time I ate was 11:00am. I had a salad. I remove the mushrooms from the freezer and take them out of the air tight container, grab my scale and weighed it out. 2.5 grams. Ok....this is nothing. Wow only 2.5 grams. I'm thinking I could easily take the whole thing but I decided to give them a test run. I knew my guy had more so I figured I could try them out and then later adjust my dose. I started eating these little babies raw as I usually don't have a problem with consuming mushrooms, and I actually slightly enjoy the taste. I ate enough to where I thought I would be able to get a good gauge of how potent they are. I didn't weigh my dose until after the trip.

6:00pm. I am definitely feeling the effects, and every surface is getting a smooth layer of flowing pattern. My mind was very clear and focused and I decided to do an introspective inventory of my current mind state. I feel amazingly free and and I find only minor behavioral things that I need to work on. One of them being my intolerance for other people. I found that I am very impatient with other people and little things frustrate me.

7:00pm. - 8:00 After coming to grips with some of my personal details I decided to put on some music. In my recent readings I learned that mp3s miss a major part of the auditory spectrum and unfortunately most of the stuff I have is in mp3. So I decided to do a little test while in this mind frame I was able to really hear the difference. What a difference it is. The mp3 file was soo cloudy. Amazing. So I abandoned my library of songs and put on a music streaming app, that has studio quality audio. From reading someone's trip report I heard of a group called Boards of Canada. I listened to them sober and thought it was weird but it might be cool trippin. For the remainder of the trip I listened to their albums and I entered into a full on psychedelic musical realm. I had always listened to stuff like Pink Floyd which was cool when tripping but it pails in comparison with the mathematically structured music of Boards of Canada. I was never into electronic music but now I see what it's all about. Each song was like a push of imagery and each song created its own set of flowing patterns that would organically undulate. It was a washing of colour moving like the wind. When I would close my eyes I would start to feel like I'm floating upward inside of this musical dimension until I was fully wrapped inside of its dome. Woah. It was the single most fantastic hour. I felt like I was sitting inside of a planetarium ( I'm in my apartment) but the stars were music. It blew my mind. I had never experienced this in all my trips. These mushrooms are potent. I weighed the remaining dose from the container and it read 1 gram on my scale. So I only took 1.5 grams. I was thinking of doing a 5 gram hero dose but I don't know about that now. After the trip reached its peak I was thankfully feeling tired and I was able to sleep.

Sunday 12:00am. I call my delivery guy over. Purchased 3 more containers of mushrooms containing the 2.5 grams. I told him of my amazing musical experience and said I wanted to eat the full 2.5. He advised I didn't and told me that he sold it to some girl and she took the whole thing and layed down on the floor crying the whole time. Yikes. I knew that that wouldn't be the case for me since I am soo mentally stable an all. Hahah.

The next week I decided to go again. I upped my dose to 2 grams. In hindsight I wasn't in a particularly good mood but not bad. It came on harder and quicker. I wasn't having as much fun as last time and the music dimension was not available to me in this trip. It didn't work. I couldn't get back to where I was last week. Instead this trip was much more of a mind f$&@. I was in a bad mind set and dwelling on more personal character defects. The phone rang and I see it's my wife. She is still away on a work trip and I am trippin hard so I don't want to answer the phone. This left me with very lonely self loathsome feeling and I was stuck. At this time I look to of the window at the trees and they are moving like blood through a vein and moving like a snake. That vision became magnified until that was all I could see. I was peaking and starting to lose it. Then I remembered something Terrance McKenna said. He said if you ever find your self in trouble...hum or sing. So I started humming the melody to Road Trippin' by the chili peppers.

When I was humming, it was resonating throughout my body. It was like when a bee or a fly goes near your ear and you get that buzzing sound and feel. Well it was like that coursing through my body in such an amazing way. I drifted off into nothingness for a few moments while doing this. It immediately got me out of my bad thinking pattern. I'm not sure if that is what ego loss is but it scared me and I was fighting trying not to slip into oblivion. I felt like if I let go I wouldn't come back. Was that me fighting my ego or was I on the edge of losing my marbles. Was I supposed to let go? I felt like I had done a hefty dose and by far it was the deepest I have gone. I plan on waiting some time before I trip again. I couldn't imagine doing 5 grams of these. I don't think I would be able to remember anything, and I'm not sure it would be worthwhile. Or maybe I'm just not a psychonaut. I would say this was a medium to high level trip and I learned a tremendous amount about myself. I will always approach this substance with respect and try to use it more for a tool than for a good time. 'Reset'

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101995
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34 
Published: Jul 2, 2020Views: 990
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