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Feels Like I Came Near to Forgetting Reality
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
Citation:   overWired. "Feels Like I Came Near to Forgetting Reality: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp102291)". Oct 11, 2019.

  repeated oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
+-30 grams Dry Cubensis

I started growing Cubensis 4 years ago, used shrooms for one and a half years then stopped for around the same time period. I had a couple of 6 gram trips during that period and they were intense, two were fantastic, the last I went to hell. That was not fun at all, since then been a bit nervous in using high doses.

An acquaintance of mine asked me to grow him some mushrooms a little less then a year ago, I was surprised to find out that one gram is all that he uses, sometimes less like a half gram, he has commented on the strength of my shrooms, I have recently used as little as half a gram and it has quite some effect, however I need at least two grams for decent visuals.

But something strange happened the other night, I ate two grams dry of Ban Hua Thai and another one gram about half an hour later, I find these quite potent but however they did not seem to be having the desired effect on me. I had supper, then decided to have more shrooms because I thought I was not really tripping but I was, I then proceeded to eat two grams cambodian. This time though I sank into serious thought and then snapping back again to what my eyes were seeing and my ears hearing. But as I often drifted off in strange thoughts and perception I started eating more and more of my mushroom,. I then devoured 5 grams of Dutch King, another two grams of cambodian, and then chowed down +- 18 grams of A-strain, this was weird though, when I got into the 18 gs of A-strain, I was stuffing my mouth full and chewing and enjoying the taste so much, I usually want to gag while chewing shrooms! All the mushroom I ate was cracker dry, from the first mushroom I ate to the last was over a period of 4 hours.

I did have some concern for a while though, I know that mushroom is hard on the body, my previous six gram trips I found to be rough on the guts and muscles, especially my last 2g-2g-2g trip over 2 hours a few months back was a bit hard on my body, my muscles everywhere felt like they wanted to spasm but the trip itself was very good. (However I had been exercising intensely during those months and using testosterone at the time.) So I worried about what will happen to me this time. Other then feeling the gut churn after consumption of the first three grams. I then ate a full supper and then afterwards consumed the rest of the shrooms, the trip came on so hard yet it was fairly smooth on the body and no problems with muscle spasms. This may be due to some factors, 1: I had supper early in the trip (usually I cant eat) , 2:the trip came on so hard and fast I had no time to even consider my body, 3, I was on a very low testosterone dosage this time.

Believe it or not but I think the mushroom deceived me into eating the +- 30 grams dry.
I think the mushroom deceived me into eating the +- 30 grams dry.

I started to trip super hard, many times more then I have ever been on anything, light was separating into its various colors, extremely vivid colors, more then I have ever experienced, absolutely everything came alive, the floor was teeming with insects and what looked like pieces of food moving around. Flying bright lights about the size of bumble bees, dozens of them started to swirl and fly around me, my walls flexed intensely with bricks flicking around and every second or two something large would rapidly swim along the wall, this also happened on the floor, people on the TV were breaking apart into little blocks and this happened to a number of object. Streaks of colored lights were flying around the room whilst the small ones were still all around me. I had Metal music playing and the vocals would all of a sudden and often become a strange but cool sounding instrument only playing notes, it was kind of freaky, whilst the whole song would suddenly become weirdly distorted. I looked at my arms and my skin appeared to look like lava, with dark and very bright spots of yellow, red white while being semi see through, I thought I saw my muscle underneath.

At this time I realized just how goofed I really was, I went to the bathroom for number one but found it extremely hard to urinate because there was so much going on I could not concentrate, the flying lights held my attention among everything else. Looked in the mirror and my pupils were massive, like gaping holes, my eyes have never dilated on shrooms before.

Coming back to my lounge I was wobbling like a drunk person, the trip intensified and I rapidly began to lose myself in a new reality, started to slip back and forth between the intense visuals I was experiencing to short mind journeys like intensely vivid dreams, next thing I remember I feel ill and start barfing but purged barely anything, and then that was that, my trip went off the chart, I experienced multiple other realities each one lasting I think for only seconds, maybe minutes, when I returned from the 'dream' or 'journey', I knew that I was in my lounge and each time I returned the perception I had was different, this was extremely strange yet enjoyable as the euphoria I felt was off the chart too, I couldn't distinguish between reality and the visions or dreams I was having, occasionally I would come out of my journey from 'who the hell knows where' and back to my lounge and I would every time find myself at one of three locations but with different perceptions and this would absolutely mind f**k me every time, I could try to explain some of the dreams but thats pointless. The only words I can use to explain the experience is as 'astonishing, excellent and bizarre'.

I don't really know just how much I remember or forgot but all I know is that this was the most insane and at the same time a fantastic experience. I would love to experience such an intense trip again but I dunno, it feels like I came near to forgetting reality.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102291
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Oct 11, 2019Views: 801
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Alone (16), General (1)

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