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Well and Truly Truffled
Mushrooms - P. atlantis & Syrian Rue (extract)
by Sam
Citation:   Sam. "Well and Truly Truffled: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. atlantis & Syrian Rue (extract) (exp102314)". Jun 19, 2019.

T+ 0:00
200 mg oral Syrian Rue (extract)
  T+ 0:40 20 g oral Mushrooms - P. atlantis (sclerotia)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00   vaporized Cannabis  
Psilocybe Atlantis Truffles Harmala Extract Cannabis

The vast bulk of experience with psilocybin has been through mushrooms, in particular Psilocybe cubensis, P. semilanceata and a Hawaiian Pan cyan strain. I've had a few low dose sessions with truffles/sclerotia that were very much enjoyable and interesting but certainly not earth shattering. Have acquired a decent amount of truffles, I thought I would consume more and push the boat out into deeper waters. These were P. atlantis truffles.

It was a recent but long planned session yet at the same time a fairly spur of the moment decision when an opportunity presented itself. My sister and I would be tripping. We had shared numerous experiences before, and we are very close. It was a Saturday evening so we had Sunday as a buffer day so no stresses for the day after. I was feeling healthy, while my sister had the snuffles but was not feeling too bad. We were both feeling positive about the planned experience. I should mention that I had some work based stresses on mind which would influence my mindset considerably on the trip. My sister is quite experienced with mushrooms and hadn't tried truffles before.

We consumed them a little after 6PM, being winter in the UK it is dark then and it was a windy, cold but very clear starry night. The setting would be the living room in our flat, tidied and cleaned. Candles and incense were lit, and some good music put on to enhance the sensory aesthetics of our environment while truffled. We have a tropical aquarium with plants, fish, snails and a large quartz crystal in, overall this is very easy on the brain and eyes and a very nice thing to watch. We had tripped before in this setting, we were alone, and felt very comfortable. I should mention my sister has a little dog, he is a great character and would play an important part in the experience.

Before eating the truffles, I decided to consume a little full spectrum Syrian rue extract. It had been a long time since I had combined rue with fungus
Before eating the truffles, I decided to consume a little full spectrum Syrian rue extract. It had been a long time since I had combined rue with fungus
and I had experienced some pretty magical things with both Syrian rue and caapi vine in previous times. Around 200mg of extract was consumed on an empty stomach around 6, and the truffles consumed some 40 minutes later. My sister consumed around 10g of the truffles, I ate around 20g. They werenít too bad, kinda nutty, with a sour aftertaste I didnít mind that much.

It wasnít long after finishing them that I started to feel effects. For the come up we got cosy. I had to purge, which is interesting as rue doesnít often let me purge, despite the nausea I sometimes get with it. I purged several times, deep purges and felt to be cleansing and satisfying, ayahuasca-style purging. The combination of rue extract and truffles felt a little taxing on my body. Perhaps my dose of rue was higher than it needed to be. But I felt instinctively that my blood pressure was up, and this put me physically a little on edge. I was also thirsty and mucusy and needed to drink a lot of water.

Effects began to intensify, and I was enveloped in beautiful flowing liquid visual patterns. They seemed fairly translucent with eyes open, but there was an Earthy reddish/brown hue to the background of this visual realm, a character I think I attribute to the rueís influence. At the same time I was perceiving the room with an incredible sumptuous crystalline clarity. The lamp shade in the corner of the room was appreciated as a thing of simple but magnificent beauty. I felt saturated with light and ecstasy and bliss. When I closed my eyes the visual patterns intensified and the realms deepened, it was almost like the experience was showing off behind closed eyelids and vying for my attention.

Things on my mind such as work related stresses would tug at me fairly consistently but at this stage they werenít taking centre stage. Our dog was acting funny. He always does when weíre tripping, consistently and without fail. I swear our change of consciousness affects him in quite a profound way, and that pets do not need to ingest a psychedelic to experience effects from him. He was looking at us for a bit so we took him for a walk. The night was cold but incredibly clear. The dog was acting funny on the walk, he had lots of energy and seemed to have much more desire to go off and explore, he behaved in a very similar way last time we tripped and went for a stroll. We stayed in a park for a while looking up at the stars in awe. Such a beautiful, humbling and magnificent spectacle looking up into the universe. Seeing all those incomprehensibly distant stars, yet feeling as a part of them, appreciating we are children of those stars, that the heavy elements from which our bodies are constructed were forged in the cores of dying stars, that life only exists due to death on a truly cosmic scale. Thoughts on us being the universe looking back on itself in awe, being a way for the universe to know itself (a la Carl Sagan). One of the things I respect about these substances, and one of the things they have reinforced my day to day life perceptions, is their ability to cut right through human constructions such as materialism, money, ego and things we seem to think are really important when they are simply human projections of what is considered important. The psychedelics for me cut right through all this and reconnect with me with life, the planet and the universe in a deep, humbling and cosmic way, and even if I never trip again, I will be forever grateful for these insights
even if I never trip again, I will be forever grateful for these insights

We walked back home and smoked a particularly delicious joint, and our dog started acting really funny. He seemed to be very excited, brimming over with energy, and then he started barking at us to get our attention. He never barks unless there is a reason to. We watched him as he did this, and his attention seemed to be focused on something in the room, his eyes seemed pretty clearly to be following something, and this thing seemed to be in motion. At the same time he was giving us lots of affection while he continued to act very excited. This isnít the first time he has acted strange. On a pretty heavy LSD and mescaline trip, again with my sister, he had been acting bizarrely. I was on the sofa, my sister was lying on a cushion in the floor opposite me, with a coffee table in the way. I also had a good friend there, and we all watched as he seemed to be going after something, and it seemed to be moving as has was moving a little. We watched as he very clearly seemed to be trying to chew on something, or grab it in his mouth, slightly higher than he was as he was craning his head up a little to chew this thing. A crazy speculation with not a shred of evidence to back it up, but it almost seems like there was a thread of energy or something between my sister and I, and he seemed to be able to perceive this in some way. How amazing would it be to see what he was experiencing then, or any time for that matter. Each species perceives the world in a unique way, and dogs are well known to have very acute senses. We only visually perceive things in the visible light spectrum, which is a very tiny percentage of the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

I donít bother with phones when I trip, and it is usually off, but I wanted to text a friend. I got my phone and it had no signal at all. This may not sound that odd, but I live in a fairly big city and my phone only ever has full bars of signal where I live. Before I let crazy bemushroomed thoughts runaway with me, I thought rationally that this is due to an outside factor. But as I watched my phone, a single bar of signal popped up, then a little later two, then down to one, and then it was gone again. It returned later on in the eve but was weaker than it normally is. The next morning it was full again as usual. I thought this was pretty odd, coupled with the way the dog was behaving at the time. Our brains to some degree are bioelectrical machines, and brain waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation, like light or radio waves, just at a different frequency from these. This experience overall was suggestive to both of us that perhaps consciousness can extend beyond the limits of our skulls. A big claim to make perhaps but the whole experience was very vivid. This isnít the first time I have experienced bizarre technological quirks when tripping.
This isnít the first time I have experienced bizarre technological quirks when tripping.

The rue definitely added more time on to the experience, the falling awake part was long and extended. We each had a puff on a new vaporiser, and for both of us, this was very powerful. My sister made a salad which unfortunately I couldnít stomach at the time, try as I did. She felt light headed like she might faint, and I was plunged into a pretty confrontational mind space, where work stresses and life issues were slamming into my mind with a great degree of force, and looping over and over again. I felt like I was on the edge of panic at times, but fought with that, I didnít want to bring down my sisterís experience with my psychological battles. She saw me as a dependable rock during these experiences and it felt important to maintain this. I had noticed that the rue and mushrooms combo had a darker, more wild and confrontational edge than mushrooms alone had, and the cannabis really brought this to the fore. We watched Spirited Away which seemed like quite a fitting thing to watch after the events of the night. The film was nice but I found it hard to focus on as my mind was overactive with confrontational looping, and I had little influence on this. The issues raised though for the most part were valid, and I am grateful for the therapy.

The experience for us both us was experienced very vividly and clearly. The experiences and insights, particularly regarding contemplations on the possibilities of consciousness, didnít evaporate when the experience did, and are still with us both now. Iíve been looking into OBEís recently and this experience was an encouraging boost to persevering with techniques. A book Iím reading takes a scientific and sceptical approach to OBEís and discusses the concept of the ďextended mindĒ as a possibly hypothesis of how they can operate, and this experience seemed to at least hint at this possibility.

My sister and I had a chat before bed and we were both really glad we had the experience. My psychedelic experiences are more spaced apart these days but this was the most amazing one I'd had in a long while, the power of truffles isn't to be underestimated! That night I didnít really sleep, my mind was still active, and yet despite that the next day I didnít feel too bad considering. We had a family dinner in the evening which was nice. I had an early night that eve and woke Monday morning feeling good and refreshed. There seems to have been a sustained, positive, grounded afterglow that has stayed with me from that experience.

For me personally, psilocybin in any of its fungal forms is a very special thing. I have a lot of reverence of ayahuasca and iboga, but I particularly cherish mushrooms. They are in an incredibly multifaceted and well rounded wholesome package. Therapy, cosmic and Earthly connection, joy, contemplation of the mystery, sometimes all at once.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102314
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Jun 19, 2019Views: 2,664
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Syrian Rue (45), Mushrooms - P. atlantis (856) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Families (41), Combinations (3)

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