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Overlapping Life
Citation:   no ordinary moment. "Overlapping Life: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp102564)". Erowid.org. Apr 2, 2019. erowid.org/exp/102564

3 g oral Mushrooms
1.13.13 experiment

My Last Famous Trip

This took place during the late evening about 12:00. I have taken many trips on mushrooms and LSD in my teens for fun, but recently only have taken mushrooms a handful of times. I am now in my 40ís and take them for spiritual reasons. I do not take any prescriptions.

This trip report has no timeline since after the initial come up that took about 40 minutes I then laid down and closed my eyes, my intentions were none other than to surrender to the experience and accept the good and bad of my life and learn from this. I feel relaxed and ready for this experience.

I took about 3 grams of my homegrown mushrooms on an empty stomach, I just chewed them up and swallowed them and after the higher energy come up I then lay down and closed my eyes. I first had many fast moving visuals in the beginning and then things slowed down and I had more of a continual vision that started off as more of a feeling then turned into a visual landscape. Slowly I begin to rise above a large landscape that appears to stretch off into an infinite distance. The landscape is not of trees and grass but of different and complex shapes, patterns and colors that all blend together. This pattern included what seems to be hills, valleys and protrusions most made up of the pastel colors of blue, green and rose, the sounds I could hear were like thunder with a lot of buzzing and zapping and it all seemed to be very much alive and continued on and on into the horizon.

At first I saw this from a distance away, then my consciousness descended into this landscape and as I did this overwhelming feeling that this is not something separate from me but that all of the shapes and colors were different parts of my mind and body, thoughts, feelings and emotions and I could see how my subconscious would affect all of these different parts. It made no sense to try and change any of this since it all seemed to fit together perfectly and seemed as though it had always been like this and that I had always known it had been like this but seeing this for the first time was liberating.
I had always known it had been like this but seeing this for the first time was liberating.

My vision then rose up out of this landscape and I could see the whole thing again but it seemed to go on forever and that the shapes and colors represented everything in the world, people, trees, buildings, water, rocks, time, distance, language, touch, shared emotions, everything alive and dead. Everything was overlapping and in constant movement and interaction, I could not think a thought or move my arm or talk to someone without affecting the entire landscape pattern and vice versa nobody in the world could move or talk without it affecting me.

There seemed as if there was no beginning or end to the shape that I thought was myself and it had seemed everything was overlapping and changing and at the same time it was all one shape. Nobody else had control of their shapes either no matter how hard they thought they did but everything seemed to fit together naturally and perfectly.

I finally fell asleep about 4:00am.

The next day I came to the realization of what I think I know about my life is the fact that I really know very little and also that a lot of other people know very little, but this was an amazing realization and vision of accepting the fact that we are all of the same.

This was a very abstract trip and nothing here was at all concrete that I have learned of myself or others but the essence and feeling of this trip has stayed with me fairly strong for about a year now and it definitely gives me a very different perspective of looking at life and relationships.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 102564
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 46
Published: Apr 2, 2019Views: 683
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Alone (16)

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