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A Seemingly Infinite Amount of Lives
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by ozMo
Citation:   ozMo. "A Seemingly Infinite Amount of Lives: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp102934)". Sep 5, 2018.

2.5 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis


A Truly Heroic Experience

I had read about the lemon/lime tek that was supposed to potentiate the trip 8-10 fold and had decided to try it with a strain I had acquired through darknet. I decided to start low and downed only 2.5g with a glass of lemon juice.

Within minutes I started to come up and did my normal routine of putting on music and lighting candles. The trip intensified so quickly that during a quick trip to the bathroom I somehow ended up on the tiled floor giggling like a lunatic. Then there was a great lapse in memory and everything I was, was no more. The infinite suffering, horror, sadness, apathy, love, awe, wonder and fear kicked in but the feelings had no positive or negative connotations. Then the last emotion struck, all on its own, loneliness.

As I withered away into eternity my thoughts wandered in search of other existence. But there was only I. And with this thunderous realization I created existence in a manner reminiscent of the bibles 'let there be light!'. My consciousness was split between all life which existed as I lived each life I had created. With each birth I would forget I was god and with each death I would remember but only for the infinitesimal time between the two. In that moment of time I could choose to destroy the universe I had created and return to my whole self. Yet no matter the hardships and brutal deaths I experienced I was always reaffirmed in that brief moment of time between life and death that nothing but I was real.

I spent the rest of the trip experiencing a seemingly infinite amount of lives until the trip finally ended, the universe collapsed and I was returned to my body on the tiled floor.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 102934
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Sep 5, 2018Views: 595
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