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Wonderful Relativistic Waltz
by Omega
Citation:   Omega. "Wonderful Relativistic Waltz: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp103334)". Erowid.org. Oct 24, 2016. erowid.org/exp/103334

2.5 g oral Mushrooms (plant material)


The evening finally arrived! It was the night of the laser show musical and I am excited to attend and experience it all with psilocybin in my system. I have consumed mushrooms twice before in the span of two years, the first two times were enjoyable but I did not take enough to have a truly memorable experience. Today, as a 19 year old, I will be acquainted with the magic of the shrooms. The day of the show I have solely an orange for breakfast and a fruit shake with toast for lunch at around 3:00 PM so my stomach, I believe, was ready to go. The lightshow begins at 10:00 PM so I calculate how long it would take to arrive at the planetarium, the length of the show (1 hr), and the time to get back home and with that I know the time my group of friends and I (4 tripping, 1 sober driver) should consume in order to reach the peak in the middle of the show. The analytical aspects of my mind definitely paid off in this trip.

We arrive at our meeting place and decide to all do the lemon tek since we want a relatively quick but intense trip. We all agree to eat 2.5 grams each. We chop it up, put it in lemon juice, let it sit and have conversation for about half an hour and then we consume. This concoction has an overwhelmingly strong taste! The drive there is rather normal but as we pull into the parking lot I see the giant planetarium and a sense of giddy anticipation settles in. And so the night begins! We walk in and get in line to buy the tickets. I immediately notice the vast varieties of people; yet at the same time notice the similarities in everybody. My attention rapidly shifts from one person to another as I wait in line with a sense of curiosity but an uncomfortable odd feeling as well since I don’t usually perceive this nuance in my daily life. It’s finally my turn to buy the ticket from an attractive girl whose sight comforts me. My friends had already bought their ticket so I join them in the line which leads to the inside of the dome where the lightshow would take place. I take my place in line and as my friends converse amongst themselves I am aware of all the other conversations taking place inside the planetarium and it feels as if my mind is racing/chattering but with the thoughts of others. (Approx. 200 ppl where there)

Suddenly, I feel a surge of excitement/anxiety rush through my stomach much like when one is at the apex of a rollercoaster about to drop, but much more intense. I want the show to start already! My face feels light/rubbery and a massive smile comes across my face as my attention scans across the room. Such diversity! I begin to chuckle out of nowhere when a couple of my friends look at me and I cover my mouth so as not to seem loony. They understand though. At last the line starts to move and we enter a dome with a magnificent screen flashing images as everybody begins to find seats. We are handed 3d glasses, oh boy this should be interesting. We take our seats with a pretty clear view of the screen and as I look at everybody filing in I have this awareness/knowledge that everyone is focused on different things at different times. Hmmm… Anyway, the lights dim to a dark blue and a speaker tells us to put on the glasses, I decide not to and instead watch as everyone else around me scrambles to place them on their eyes in a sort of synchronized, predictable, but fluid like manner. I immediately laugh and thoughts regarding cause-effect and entropy flood my mind. But no time for that yet, let’s get on with the show. Tonight they are playing The Best of Pink Floyd. I peer through the glasses and the laser show begins.

I will only discuss things, thoughts, or moments that stood out throughout the show. I remember at one point feeling my breath, body, and brain become a whole entity. The laser show was amusing (at times overwhelming) but for some reason my mind was focused on my sense of self. I looked to my left and to my right and saw my friends enchanted by the images on the screen. I took my glasses off and looked around. Everybody was hypnotized! Even though it was somewhat dark, my vision and perception was crystal clear. I stared at my hands and legs and realized, “I can only experience MySelf”. I breathed deeply and felt my Being (Body, mind, sensations, thoughts) as a self-contained entity. Then, as I was reaching the peak of this realization and my trip, “Wish You Were Here” started to play and EVERYBODY in the dome started clapping and cheering all at once. I thought this was incredible! What does this mean for free-will? The whole moment was so dynamic and complex, all these individuals, experiencing themselves as different from one another, yet all acting in accordance with each other when certain sounds begin to play. Woah. I then pondered my location and the sense of time. This whole experience felt FLUID. There was FLUIDITY from moment to moment which I could not quite grasp the essence of. Finally, the end of the show was near and they played “High Hopes”. Holy Shit! Every word and noteof this song resonated with me so strongly I remember the world Freezing, then I became the song… All of my senses and consciousness where involved in a deep, full experience of this piece and it’s meaning for me. I will never forget that. The song and show ended, the lights came on, and everyone stood up. I was feeling a confident peacefulness. But I look around, my perception of of reality is one of absolute lucidity and again I am aware everybody is in their own heads, with their focus on different things, with our bodies in different configurations from moment to moment, in different locations, as different viewpoints in space. This thought will be expanded on during the ride home. We walk out of the dome and the whole planetarium reeks of cannabis. I start laughing at how fucking illegal this is as I move amongst another crowd of about 100 people coming in for the next show (Bob Marley was playing ;) ).

Once outside, we walk towards the car and as I take in a deep breath of air I have this Solid sense of self. An indestructible “I”. We get in the car. As the car ride home progresses, I grab my phone and begin to google “Albert Einstein, Special Relativity, Quantum Physics, Consciousness” I am in my own world reading about Einstein and start understanding his theories with more clarity than ever before. I begin to pretend what it must have felt like to be him during his moments of revelation. I look outside the window and understand my point of view is my own, my own relative universe. EUREKA! The world is an interactive museum of matter with individuals experiencing their place in space with their pattern of movement and stream of consciousness relative to the world dictating what we deem our Lives and experience of Time. Of course, I could be mistaken and this epiphany will require further inquiry. But at the moment it was beautiful. One other peculiar moment which I will never forget is while driving along, I had the window seat in the back and I had just finished reading the biography of Albert Einstein and put my phone in my pocket. The whole time, my buddy next to me was talking to his girlfriend so he was not aware of what I was doing. Then suddenly for some strange reason I look out the window and see a chubby, white-haired white-bearded homeless man sitting on trash bags. I then wonder what it must be like to experience the world from his viewpoint. THEN, as we slowly pass by him, my friend apparently sees him also and exclaims “Haha that guy looks like Einstein” What an intriguing coincidence.

All in all, this recount does not do the whole expedition justice but it was indeed a memorable experience. I came out of it with a sense of peace and knowledge of my individual existence as a self-contained entity/experience moving through and as Space-Time itself in a wonderful relativistic waltz. Thus, the magic of the mushrooms.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103334
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Oct 24, 2016Views: 1,395
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Mushrooms (39) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), Music Discussion (22), Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1)

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