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First Explorations in Mind Space
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by Psychedelicus
Citation:   Psychedelicus. "First Explorations in Mind Space: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp103591)". Dec 16, 2020.

3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


Chapter 1: First signs of intelligent life outside the body

The psychonaut had his first trip! Everything started at around six and a half o'clock in the afternoon, with approximately 3.5 grams of a delicious gourmet mushroom, stored five days inside the refrigerator. After some physical discomfort, mainly feeling his limbs a bit too heavy to move, as if they're tied to the ground, and a clear cut case of mydriasis. He started to perceive his first signs of not-so-right things in his visual field approximately one hour after taking the shrooms, he saw a red dot in front of his eyes, appearing from the laptop screen, and he felt that he could control it, in fact he could take it from one point to another using his fingers only and a little effort from the mind.

Chapter 2: Upgrading the visuals

It's hard to recall every single moment, but from then on the mind adventurer, next to nine and a half o'clock, started a upward spiral into hallucinations, he saw paintings from several artists in his laptop screen and on every one of it, he saw moving colors, reversed color effects, depth, some more than in others, as some paintings are more naturally attractive to the brain than others. Surprisingly, some naturally very boring and uneventful sceneries, as 'Oat and Poppy Field', by Giverny, took a whole new interpretation, becoming awe-inspiring and even excessively colorful.

Chapter 3: Why not take a bike ride?

For around ten o'clock the seer of visions has experienced full blown hallucinations: walls breathing, enhancement of colors, enhancement of sound, etc. He made a musical selection for the trip, and every single music appears to fit perfectly on every moment of the trip, walls appears to alter angles and the room sometimes appears to be smaller, sometimes bigger, so he decided to go outside and try the bike, as Dr. Hofmann did!

Chapter 4: Just an observer from the future

He lives in a house with an enclosed garden, so he took the bike and tried a little ride, but it was impractical as the garden space is minimal. He desired to go to the streets, that he saw as a challenge (not as a menace), but he decided not to go since he was afraid of appear 'drunk' to the pedestrians, so at some moment he stopped the bike in the middle of the garden, leaned on it and heard, coming from the house, as one of his trip selection tracks, a 30's music by Bunny Berigan and Her Orchestra ('A Study in Brown') and suddenly he felt as he was in the 40's, not in 2014, as an observer from the future in now long gone days.

Chapter 5: Life as a acting in a stage

After what appeared to be a very long time, he came inside the house again. From a point he was in the middle of the living room and, again, the music coming out of the laptop made him feel strange: he don't remember the name of the tune, but it was like a circus music with laughs and all. The psychonaut suddenly felt himself as an stage actor, everything appeared cartoonish and laughable, the only serious there was him and he was in a stage, acting a play, trying to justify to himself his performance, it was the second weirdest moment of the trip. He took off his clothes and stared at the mirror, doing muscular poses, he felt power coming out of his body and this dissipated the cartoonish humor that the scene immediately anterior brought (the stage): he felt simply powerful.

Chapter 6: Catching a glimpse on psychosis

Midnight! The psychonaut was very tired from the trip, he felt sometimes dislocated, as if he was not he. He gone to bed try to take a nap (impossible) and turned the TV on: 'White Chicks' and 'Chinatown'! My God, these guys on 'White Chicks'! Their masked faces appears so grotesque and the psychonaut hallucinates wildly seeing that faces pulling and tugging trying to fit in their tight clothes. 'Chinatown': sometimes the actors spoke directly from the TV to the psychonaut, it was weird and resembling the things he felt at the garden (back to the 40's). From these point on the psychonaut started to worry a lot if he some way or another triggered a permanent psychosis on him, he read things at the internet hoping to find on how many hours he will get rid of the hallucinations and distorted view of things he knows are not that way: but he surely worried and if his trip is a city of possibilities, now he is clearly in a bad and dangerous block.

Chapter 7: The dark cloud of 'schizophrenia' dissipates

He can't precisely say how many hours passed with the feeling of being schizo, seeing weird things on TV or reading posts about Charles Manson on innocent posts at Shroomery, but sometime between one o'clock in the morning and two o'clock, the psychonaut slept and in the wake up of a new day he felt himself invigorated, a little lethargic and with a tiny headache, but good as new again and in a reinstated state of mind.

Now, what the psychonaut learned:

1- Words will never be enough to describe a trip, even with an honest effort you will never able to put on paper all that you went through and/or every weird thing you saw and felt.

2- Maybe you can catch a glimpse of what the world is to schizophrenics, remembering Huxley, an oppressive and omnipresent presence of evil disguised as subtle messages from improbable means, endless colorful CEVs and OEVs, augmentation of every fear you had and stereotyped behavior.

3- When you are hallucinating, even when you think you're not having any, really, you discover yourself right in the middle of another well concocted and disguised hallucination. In fact you hallucinate all the time one way or another.

4- You will not become permanently schizo. Fear not psychosis or you will be put in a sad and hopeless mood during your trip.

5- Feeling out-of-body or displaced is something you have depending on the degree of your hallucinations, the fabric of known world can be teared.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103591
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Dec 16, 2020Views: 354
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : First Times (2), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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