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OH So I Really Am in Danger
by gomeygnomes
Citation:   gomeygnomes. "OH So I Really Am in Danger: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp103693)". Sep 3, 2018.

3 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


Set: Well I was planning on eating 3.4 grams of dried B+ mushrooms in my apartment for the first time alone, I have tripped with friends before, I think 3 times but each time a feeling grew stronger that I wasn't doing them correctly. My mind set was 'This is basically an exploratory mission.' <-(Thats is my mindset alot at this stage) I am
Weight: 126
White male

Setting: I was in my living room with low volume surround sound and dave matthews playing through it (I remembered DMB's music made me feel amazing as hell while in a previous LSD trip a long while before this)

Time of Ingestion : 10:00 A.M.
I began to eat my mushrooms and could only finish 3 grams of them. I waited for about half an hour and just started to feel them when I started to hear a slight beeping sound. So I was walking around my whole apartment for about 5 minutes looking for the source of this noise and it finally led to my front door of my apartment. I opened it up looked to left and the top half of the hall way (which was A VERY long hallway because it was built like that not because I was tripping) was filled with black smoke, I looked to the right and it was the same thing. It was the most surreal image I have seen. I just stood there for about 10 sec looking and then I coughed and closed the door. I then I started problem solving aloud. I said,

'okay, is my apartment complex on fire?'
(about 3 second pause of thoughts)
'no way! I'm I must tripping.'
(3 second pause for thinking)
'hell no! I just ate those and what the fuck unless these are crazy potent or something, my apartment IS on fire'
(another 3 second pause)
'what the hell! I really have deal with this?!'
(one more pause)
'well fuck! Let's get out of the building'

So I ran out the sliding glass back door (I was ground level) and ran up to a neighbor already out there and said 'Dude! The apartment is one fire!'
'Dude! The apartment is one fire!'
, he just gawked at me like I was a complete dumbass which gave me a whole bunch of bad vibes so I ran back inside and yelled 'wait! What the fuck I need my keys' which was weird I was not even thinking that or aware that was in mind at the time. So for 10 minutes I was looking for keys sprinting everywhere in my apartment with in that time 2 fire trucks pulled up into parking lot and multiple cops.

I then hear loud foot steps, and then key a jingle, and then a door slam open. My thoughts where 'What the Fuck is that!?' it happened in a few seconds but a little louder. I was still in udder confusion. It happened again but sounds like it was right next door and I realized it was most likely emergency personal or something. I hear them walking to my door and I hear their key rapidly poking against my front door lock and the jingle of their keys. At that moment I Immediately knew where my keys where (apartment and car keys on same ring). I threw them on top of a speaker the night before when my friends where in-town visiting and I got back from a drunk Taco-Bell run, they slid and fell behind it.

So I jumped over to it and grabbed them while the firemen came in running at me in their big Goony looking heat suits pushing me out the backdoor. I looked around and everyone was looking at me with a WTF? Kind of face 'I thought screw them I just did something amazing I think' and slowly walked to my car in the parking lot.

Let's say 10:45 now
I'm sitting on the hood of my car pretzel legged watching huge bellows of black smoke pour from the apartment complex. In my mind I already believed that 'I don't live here anymore.' I watched the smoke for about 30 minutes or so and I then thought ' many people get watch this everyday?' and at that moment I felt a HUGE weight lift off of me and I felt as light as a feather and as graceful as swan which REALLY caught my attention and plastered a huge goofy smile across my face that looked happy and astonished.

I then looked around super slowly from left to right observing all the people around me with that goofy face stuck their. Everyone was crying, screaming, moaning, all on their phones frantic. I then thought 'I'm the happiest motherfucker here' and I started to let out a giggle but immediately caught myself and realized I couldn't express my self here. which probably looked funny because my face took a 180 degree change from happy to 'Oh shit!' so I slowly slithered into the passenger seat of my car, laid the seat back and began to watch clouds and to think about the reason for that uplifting.

It's about 11:20 now
The first clouds that I see is a huge oval cutout of blue sky though a massive cloud that covered the span of my vision. In the Blue oval was a huge natural mushroom shaped cloud (no explosion obviously, just a awesome spectical of nature) and HUGE WAVE of just pure omenioustic-excitement flooded me and I busted out laughing in my car which I quickly ceased as I remembered what was happening around me. I then drove to my nearby parents house and told them what was up so they let me chill there until the experience was done.

Looking back now I can say there is no way I would have been able to move on in such an instant if I was not tripping on mushrooms. I never felt an once of 'oh I lost 2 years work of my drawings and art supplies' or 'everything I own is gone.' Looks like mushrooms can ease traumatic experience.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 103693
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Sep 3, 2018Views: 1,055
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Mushrooms (39) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Alone (16)

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