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A Walk Through The Park
by glowingspace
Citation:   glowingspace. "A Walk Through The Park: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp103854)". Nov 9, 2020.

2 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


Ever since I can remember learning about psychedelics, I have been interested in what they were like. I wanted to try something in high school but figured my time to try something would come about eventually. My biggest hesitation was my history with mild general anxiety disorder and some periods of depression
My biggest hesitation was my history with mild general anxiety disorder and some periods of depression
that I didn't want to lead me into a bad trip. Recently, a cousin of mine had been getting really into tripping and I had worked through a lot of personal issues so figured this would finally be a good time to trip. Although all psychedelics interest me, I garnered a fascination with mushrooms as a first time experience since they are natural, don't last very long and were easy for me to obtain.

After years of research, meditation, and floatation tank sessions, I finally felt at ease with my first trip. The plan was to take 1/16-1/8oz in this wonderful state park near my hometown. I asked my friend (let's call him 'P') to sit for me while I trip and he agreed, being curious about the effects as well. He drove us to the park and I began munching down on the mushrooms. I must have eaten a little less than 1/16oz in the car, and then we started walking on a trail through the park. It was pretty hot out, but it was a weekday so no one was around and conditions were beautiful.

About 30 minutes after the first consumption, I still hadn't felt anything and realized I didn't eat very much, so went for a second portion of about the same size. I really didn't mind the taste that much. It was very earthy, but nothing I couldn't handle.

We continued walking and reached an area above a beach overlooking a bay. We sat down for a bit and P was getting high from vaping weed. Things slowly began to change slightly, but everything was mostly in my mind. I started focusing my attention on little things, like the brightness of a flower or the swaying of the current in the water. At this point, I was unsure of whether my surroundings were just really beautiful or if the shrooms were kicking in. After sitting down for a few minutes, we decided to keep walking. This was now just over an hour from the initial consumption. Once I stood up, I began to feel a difference in my balance but nothing too trippy.

We walked along the beach and reentered the woods from a different trail about an hour and a half after initial consumption. Upon reentering the woods, I knew I was feeling it. I was overwhelmed by the beauty around me. I noticed how green the greens of the trees were and the brown bark of the woods became saturated with a lovely purple tone. I was telling P how amazing it was saying things like 'doesn't that tree look SO purple?!', 'I just love everything here', etc. P continuous asked me how I was doing to make sure I was alright, and I was.

We continued having pretty standard conversations, littered with the occasional comment on how pretty everything looked. Although the landscape around me was beautiful, I had very few instances of real 'trippiness'. I looked at a tree, and the sides of it kinda looked like the were sinking toward the inside of it, but that was the most stereotypically trippy aspect of the experience. We walked for about another hour and a half before circling back to the car where there were horses and stables. I briefly searched for a bathroom around the stables and really felt like I was in a children's book illustration. The colors were so bright, the sky was so blue, there were farm animals nearby, everything was just so joyous. I looked into the distance at the trees where the trail began and they were slowly breathing and branches were slowly shifting on top of one another. At this point, we were about 3 hours from initial consumption.

P had told me he wanted to leave because it was too hot. I knew that it was hot but really didn't mind and wanted to stay, but also didn't want to cause conflict so agreed. As soon as I got into his car, I began to feel the experience going slightly downhill. I started to think about going home and having to speak to my family before the trip was over, which made me nervous.

We were also driving through a very old town, one that must have been formed hundreds of years ago, which gave me some anxiety. I thought about how extensive the timeline of this neighborhood was and how small of a speck P and I were on the history of the town as we drove through. I found this inquisitive, yet kinda terrifying. I knew I was on a mental path toward existentialism that I didn't want to go down, so tried to focus on the music.

P said he was hungry, so we stopped at a burger place. I wasn't hungry, but hadn't eaten in a while so got a shake. While waiting for the food, I felt uncomfortable and paranoid, yet clear-minded. I was aware that I may not have looked normal. I was covered in sweat and awkwardly standing among strangers while waiting for my food. P went to the bathroom and an employee asked me if he could help me as if he was suspicious of what I was up to. I said I was just waiting for my shake and thought over and over in my head 'Everything is okay, you're not doing anything odd. You just took some mushrooms and they will wear off soon. Don't worry.'

We ate the food and left. This is about 4 hours since initial consumption. I told P I wasn't feeling well mentally but was overall okay, I just didn't want to speak to my family, but was able to if the situation occurred. Luckily when I got home, no one was there. As I walked through my front yard, I was stunned by how bright the roses next to my porch had gotten, a sign that I was still under the mushroom influence. I went straight to the shower to clean off all the sweat from the day. The color of the wall was radiating. I had realized for the first time that the walls of the bathroom were an off-white pinkish color, rather than just white.

I took a long shower, during which my mom had gotten home. When I got out of the shower, I noticed things weren't quite as bright and I was returning to normal just in time, about 5 hours after initial consumption. I spent the rest of the day with my family, eating dinner and had an incredibly positive attitude about me.

I know I might not have 'tripped' fully, but my low dose of psilocybin was all I needed for that day. Being kind of an anxious person, I was more than happy to have gotten a decent grasp of what being on mushrooms felt like without diving fully into it. I definitely would like to try them again, but only under the circumstance that I'm in a natural environment as isolated and calm as I was for the first half of this experience. I would like to further explore what these mushrooms have to offer, but am more than content with waiting for the perfect moment.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 103854
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Nov 9, 2020Views: 347
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Mushrooms (39) : Depression (15), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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